theme/template in html...

for example i have an template in html from templatemonster
and i want to put work with XOOPS on that template how to do that?!is it possible?
i can share the template if somebody helps me...

Re: games modules..

okay..nope lineage2 is not supported thanks anyway mate!

Re: games modules..

i`ve checked this page:http://www.woag-project.de/
is not working..Server not found
here :http://www.frienzl2.com/
there is an administration tool for lineage 2 but from where to download it?
if anybody knows or haves it pls upload it and give a link!thanks

games modules..

there are any game modules for xooops?
for example for lineage2 or world of warcraft?
i haved sawed an site l2matrix.net or .com here but is not working anymore there were some modules
l2admin,l2account anyone havees ...
what those modules doo?
i need some modules to administrate online the game server of lineage 2 ..i have allready l2cs but is not good!
i`ve sawed something here:
anyone haves this administration tool with l2.php for lineage 2 server?
or an module for use it with XOOPS exist?!
p.s:think about in the future to realease more gaming modules..

Re: oscommerce template..

nope i will take an loook now!thanks

oscommerce template..

hello to all,
anyone haves or can provide an link to download an osccomerce template or templates ?
with something similiar on this site :
or at least an link or something to see an similiar like the one used in that site...
i want to be the same like that one but instead of the butoons of categories to be vert normaly i need them to be RED!
that`s the only modification so an template like that one or an link to an model to buy it at least or something!
thanks in advantage guys!
i`m waiting your feedback..thanks anticipately!

Re: how to sell virtual products?!or services online?

yep i`ve readed in XOOPS page and the home page but didn`t find if it`s possible or not!thanks for the feedback!

Re: how to sell virtual products?!or services online?

and in xasset i can add diferent payment methods like moneybookers or ikobo not only paypal?!
also any other solution?!

how to sell virtual products?!or services online?

anybody out here knows how to sell an virtual product or services online?
example: an user and an password to an site ,or to ban an user,or to buy an virtual sword for an game!
and normaly after he add the service he wants to cart to pay online by credit card,paypal,moneybookers etc and after he paid and the transaction is succesuful to be redirected to the page where he can make an user online!
normaly i thinked to do this through oscommerce cart but more exactly how to do it if anyone out here haves any idea pls let your feedback here to see how i resolve this problem!
or an payment sistem that after you pay to be redirected to the page where to make your user and pass and after you did that to redirected to the homepage or i don`t know to the first page of the site!something like this!
how can that be done?!and with what php software?oscommerce is good for this or ?!thanks in advatanje for all your feedback!
p.s.:an example site to see what i meen more exactly:

Re: Open Realty & XOOPS integration

finded an solution thanks to gabi from germany!
this is the solution you have to change manualy
in file efqdirectory/sql/mysql



everywhere you see engine type instead engine TYPE and will work!
change it everywwhere on the file else the problem will persist!
when i`ve changed only the first engine to type
gived error too:
Installing Listings directory

You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=4 ' at line 25

but i thinked logicaly and the first error where i `ve maded the change was good so i change it everywhere on the file do the same and will work!
thanks again to gabi from germany without his idea i couldn`t make it work!

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