Why is XoopsForDummies still not on the documentation site?
  • 2004/7/27 18:33

  • kenmcd

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Something is not being said here - and needs to be.
What is the problem with the documentation people?

Why is XoopsForDummies still not on the documentation site?
That is where the majority of XOOPS users would find it.
Not hidden in some post.

XoopsForDummies is far more complete then anything currently on the XOOPS documentation site.
Xoops Documentation people - Why would you ignore, turn-down any helpful FREE documentation?

There must be some EGO thing going on here because there cannot be any other reason this excellent resource is not available to the XOOPS community in the most obvious place to find it.

I'd love to hear a response from the documentation people.
Any response.

Obviously the documentation project could use some fresh input.
How about opening the documentation site registration the
same way the development site has been opened?
The documentation site was opened 2004/1/21 . . . 7 months ago.
One draft document was released 2004/4/8 . . . ~4 months ago.

Provide the Visual Introduction source file and I would be glad to at least put the section headings on the same page as the content (widows and orphans control is lacking) and make sure the explanatory content is on the same page as the related image.
Given that this "draft" is almost four months old I would assume there has been some feedback to incorporate into a new draft or even a final document.
Given that the documentation site is locked-up, how does someone even comment or contribute - through the Contact Us form?
So much for collaborative development.

Yes, I know this post is inflamatory - it needs to be.
Someone needs a fire lighted under them.
Let's be honest - the documentation project is stalled or dead.

JackJ - THANK YOU for the obviously MANY hours you put into the best XOOPS documentation currently available.

Re: Any built-in Xoops support for displaying RSS feeds?
  • 2004/6/24 18:41

  • kenmcd

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Where is the XOOPS Headline module?

There are no files here:

It says "This Project Has Not Released Any Files"

A search for "headline" or "xoopsheadline" in the DEV site returns nothing (that's odd).
I found the above link through browsing the module alphabetical listing.

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