very urgent problem..pls help!!!!!!!

Sat Feb 19 01:43:10 2005] [error] PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/rodisco/public_html/portal/include/common.php on line 281
i`m getting this error.....
how to fix the error?!

Re: Additional data for registered members / users

maybe in the XOOPS 2.1 we will have integrated in the user menu the anniversaire module that exist
and also have an carte d`identi like in clubxtrem that can be customizable is not neccesary to have all those fields in the registration but an carde d`identity and an module like pn_profils form http://www.clubxtrem.net
will be more then great and the user can put all the details that the webmaster of the site need in his carte d`identity this carte d`identity can be named normaly or it would be better if any can name his carte d`identity maybe someones whats the name :carte d`identity others details others more info etc !

how to add .php files in user menu like....

for example they integrad in the user menu of XOOPS this .php files:
this are available only if you register there!
take a look of this:
also if u register you will have to more options in your account except the ones u have in xoops(logout,avatar etc)
they are anniversaire and carte d`identite(that is editprofil.php)
how to add them to user menu in xoops?

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

there is an module user info on xoops
but how to use it and integrated in user menu ?anybody knows?!

Re: anniversaire integration in user menu....

it will be great..if in the future anniversaire module will be integrated directly in XOOPS user menu!

Re: module cd base 1.2.2 and adresses problem..

anyone can pls help me to fix this problem?!
anyone haves the modules and knows what i`m talking about?!!!

Re: module cd base 1.2.2 and adresses problem..

ok thanks mate!
can you help me at least to resolve the problem with the website in cd base ?
is showme eronated the website...?

Re: anniversaire integration in user menu....

function b_system_user_show()
global $xoopsUser;
if (is_object($xoopsUser)) {
$pm_handler =& xoops_gethandler('privmessage');
$block = array();
$block['lang_youraccount'] = _MB_SYSTEM_VACNT;
$block['lang_editaccount'] = _MB_SYSTEM_EACNT;
$block['lang_notifications'] = _MB_SYSTEM_NOTIF;
$block['uid'] = $xoopsUser->getVar('uid');
$block['lang_logout'] = _MB_SYSTEM_LOUT;
$criteria = new CriteriaCompo(new Criteria('read_msg', 0));
$criteria->add(new Criteria('to_userid', $xoopsUser->getVar('uid')));
$block['new_messages'] = $pm_handler->getCount($criteria);
$block['lang_inbox'] = _MB_SYSTEM_INBOX;
$block['lang_adminmenu'] = _MB_SYSTEM_ADMENU;
return $block;
return false;

// this block is deprecated
after what to add that line:
$block['content'] = "· Anniversaire
i`ve added after $block['lang_youraccount'] = _MB_SYSTEM_VACNT;
and is not showing anniversaire from user menu.......
after what to add it ?!
i cannot find in system blocks php that line:
$block['content'] = "· "._MB_SYSTEM_VACNT."


Re: anniversaire integration in user menu....

thanks for the traduir i will try it right the way to see if works!
thanks buddy!
p.s:i have to unzip in the modules or in the root root where is all XOOPS puted?!

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

that`s the problem!
i`ve emailed the webmaster and no answer!
maybe he will answer if someone writes in french to him ...
also i think pn profil list normaly pn comes from post nuke and i think is ported from post nuke to xoops!
that`s very good but at least to realese it on XOOPS too!
also in there if you join you have in user menu also anniversaire i have the module but i don`t know how to install it ...the readme is french and german and i don`t know the languange here:
Salut voilà le système d'anniversaire à la Clubxtrem.net et à la Bahut.com
Original code par XtremDj et adapté par Lmaix.


1° étape :

-dézipper le tout et balancer ça à la racine de votre site.
-activer depuis l'admin et vérifier les acces des groupes.

3° étape : que si vous voulez avoir un lien dans le Menu du membre

-ouvrer le fichier system_blocks.php dans le répertoire modules/system/blocks
-dans la fonction b_system_user_show() vers la ligne 48 ajouter

/////////apres cette ligne/////////////

$block['content'] = "· "._MB_SYSTEM_VACNT."


///////////le code suivant///////////

$block['content'] = "· Anniversaire


-et voilà c'est bon !


Le problème de ce système est que vous allez avoir le bloc tout le temps
sur votre site même si il n'y a pas d'anniversaire le jour en question !


Résolution de ce problème et amélioration du design !

Übersetzt von Nickel (http://www.99abi99.de)
Viel spass



1. Datei entzippen und ins Module verzeichnis kopieren
2. Das Modul im Admin installieren und die Gruppenrechte setzen
3. WICHTIG: Die sql-tabelle muss du per hand in die Datenbank per phpmyadmin o.ä. erstellen

3.Schritt (Wenn du einen Link im Mitglieder-Block haben möchtest

1.öffne die Datei system_blocks.php im Verzeichnis modules/system/blocks
2.unterhalb der Funktion b_system_user_show() in der Zeile 48 fügst du ein

/////////nach dieser Zeile/////////////

$block['content'] = "· "._MB_SYSTEM_VACNT."


///////////kommt diese zeile rein///////////

$block['content'] .= "· Geburtstag


Für die Leute, die einen eigenen Hauptmenü-Block haben und keinen Link im Mitglieder-Block haben möchten gilt:
damit sich die Leute eintragen könne, muss ein Link im Hauptmenü anni/index.php existieren

Viel spass damit...

gruss nickel
.....................................................anyone know how to do it?!

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