Adding Fields in Registration
  • 2005/2/15 13:23

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I was wondering if it is possiable to add more text boxes in the registration form as in adding a name text box. And how to do that

Thank you

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

Well, I have created a hack that adds more options to the registration, including the Real Name...

My Hack can be check out @


Well, It adds news filds also to the DB, Like Horoscope, AGE, Date of Birth, Location and Civil State(I think this is the name in english), some of these options with comboBoxes. Check out the screenShoots...
In Case you need any help please post...

Oh... by the way the fields that you Whant .. Realname is already activated you will only need to comment what o dont need and uncoment what u need...

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

Ok... but if you dont wanna install my Hack...

Ill try to explain what u have to do....

You will have to touch 2 files:


Backup these files!

Let's start ...

In /include/registerform.php

Look for line 75 (like in the image)

Resized Image

And add the following line after that line:

$reg_form->addElement(new XoopsFormText(_US_REALNAME"name"2625$name), true);

At the end of the line where you have TRUE, you can change it to FALSE if you do not wish the field to be required for registration.

You can save and close the file.

Lets Edit Register.php:

Look for line 150 (like in the image):

Resized Image

And add the following line after that line:

<INPUT type=hidden value='".$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($name)."' name=name>

Save and close the file! ITS DONE!

In Case you whant the confirmation... Open the file register.PHP

At line 131 you have:

$uname trim($uname);

Add this line rigth after it:


To end this...

At line 139 you have:

echo _US_USERNAME.": ".$myts->makeTboxData4Preview($uname)."";

Add this line rigth after it:
echo _US_REALNAME.": ".$myts->makeTboxData4Preview($name)."";


Credits to topet05 from: http://www.xoops.net.br

Re: Adding Fields in Registration
  • 2005/2/15 14:51

  • carnuke

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Thanks ALPHA-FOXTROT, due to several requests for this feature I have now added this post to an FAQ.

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

Thanks... :)))

Xoops4u! :)))

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

i found something interesting check this link...
needed to get back into the swing of things and learn pnRender, so I wrote the MyInfo module. It allows users to enter whatever information they like and supports categories. The concept is fairly simple, but since the item body supports html, it can be quite powerful.

More information in the full text.

Features include:
Add, Edit and Delete Items
Add categories on the fly (while creating Items)
Edit and delete categories
View other users' items
Item body accepts html

Please visit http://www.chucksteel.com/postnuke for the download. To view full functionality, you will need to create an account, otherwise, you will just be able to view other user's info (click the My Info - Anonymous User View link in the menu).
-----------------------------------------------------------this is the module used here::
http://www.clubxtrem.net/modules/PN_Profil_List/ ?
if this is the module someone can port it to be used in xoops?!
also in clubxtrem after you login you have in the menu de user this features that are not in xoops:
those two if someone can integer will be very useful too xoops..
so if you make an user in club xtrem when you :
you have there more :anniversare and carte d`identite
how to add those functions in xoops?!
aniversaire i founded an module but could someone integer the anniversaire module like is integrated in the clubxtrem in user menu ?!
and how to make that cart d`identite with the fields you need on user profile ?

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

well, I Didnt understand very well what you mean... But if you wanna create a new field without touching the DB...just change the Language... I mean the, change the translation in the language file... just change a field that you think that it will not be required and change the name... the data will be saved anyway...

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

look here and here:
if you register there you have on user menu an options beside edit your account ...it`s called carte d`identite
is an customize form for user and they can put their pics and their details look there..
how to do that?!!!!!!!!

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

Do you kwon were is the module for download?

Re: Adding Fields in Registration

that`s the problem!
i`ve emailed the webmaster and no answer!
maybe he will answer if someone writes in french to him ...
also i think pn profil list normaly pn comes from post nuke and i think is ported from post nuke to xoops!
that`s very good but at least to realese it on XOOPS too!
also in there if you join you have in user menu also anniversaire i have the module but i don`t know how to install it ...the readme is french and german and i don`t know the languange here:
Salut voilà le système d'anniversaire à la Clubxtrem.net et à la Bahut.com
Original code par XtremDj et adapté par Lmaix.


1° étape :

-dézipper le tout et balancer ça à la racine de votre site.
-activer depuis l'admin et vérifier les acces des groupes.

3° étape : que si vous voulez avoir un lien dans le Menu du membre

-ouvrer le fichier system_blocks.php dans le répertoire modules/system/blocks
-dans la fonction b_system_user_show() vers la ligne 48 ajouter

/////////apres cette ligne/////////////

$block['content'] = "· "._MB_SYSTEM_VACNT."


///////////le code suivant///////////

$block['content'] = "· Anniversaire


-et voilà c'est bon !


Le problème de ce système est que vous allez avoir le bloc tout le temps
sur votre site même si il n'y a pas d'anniversaire le jour en question !


Résolution de ce problème et amélioration du design !

Übersetzt von Nickel (http://www.99abi99.de)
Viel spass



1. Datei entzippen und ins Module verzeichnis kopieren
2. Das Modul im Admin installieren und die Gruppenrechte setzen
3. WICHTIG: Die sql-tabelle muss du per hand in die Datenbank per phpmyadmin o.ä. erstellen

3.Schritt (Wenn du einen Link im Mitglieder-Block haben möchtest

1.öffne die Datei system_blocks.php im Verzeichnis modules/system/blocks
2.unterhalb der Funktion b_system_user_show() in der Zeile 48 fügst du ein

/////////nach dieser Zeile/////////////

$block['content'] = "· "._MB_SYSTEM_VACNT."


///////////kommt diese zeile rein///////////

$block['content'] .= "· Geburtstag


Für die Leute, die einen eigenen Hauptmenü-Block haben und keinen Link im Mitglieder-Block haben möchten gilt:
damit sich die Leute eintragen könne, muss ein Link im Hauptmenü anni/index.php existieren

Viel spass damit...

gruss nickel
.....................................................anyone know how to do it?!


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