Re: Can I use xoops to be a portal to my PHP applications? How?

Here is an app that im pulling inside a XOOPS custom block.


What you are looking at is the default menu shipped with XOOPS and the blank paper module.

I changed/cloned/renamed the module to this new name "inventory" then installed it. I then created a custom "block" inside blocks admin that only displays on the blank paper module which "I cloned to be named inventory".
I then wrapped my app in a iframe like so and added this code to that custom block.

<center><iframe width="600" height="1000" frameborder="0" src ="http://localhost/headstart/student.php" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"

This is only one way of doing this. Their are many ways to do this.

Maybe its the code snip you needed to pull your app. Dunno you said you are making your own app. Sorry I figured you would understand how to wrap your code...

Hope this helps. If you don't like the outcome go back to the faq I posted and read what other people have used to wrap their apps/pages/sites.

Good luck...

If your having problems cloning the module let me know. This is really an easy process. I can clone it for you if you wish. Just post the name you want the module to be...

Re: Can I use xoops to be a portal to my PHP applications? How?

Re: Can I use xoops to be a portal to my PHP applications? How?

Blank paper module

This module can be cloned to what ever name you want... Just use Info Rapid to search and replace with your names...

Should work out very nice....

Re: Can I use xoops to be a portal to my PHP applications? How?

The Multimenu module will get you started. You can replace the default menu with this module to define better the content you wish to pull.

As far a setting permissions by user it can be done in small numbers by placing them in their own group. If you have a large number of users it will become harder to manage.

Your best bet is to define by groups first. Then set up those groups with the correct permissions to view certain content. Now all thats left to do is place your users in those groups.

Xoops is great for group permissions. Students/Teachers/Pta ect.

You could also break down your users into groups by grade as well.

Hope that helps if not be more specific about your users and numbers of users.

Re: theme changer and zetagenesis seem to be conflicting

This module really should be called something different. Not alot of people use it for changing themes. It should have been called the SEO Module.

Re: theme changer and zetagenesis seem to be conflicting

Whats interesting to me is that people really use this to change to different themes per module and page. I find that confuses most people.

You see I could care less if it shows different themes. The most important part about this module is the SEO you can achieve with it. Meaning Title Tags, Description & Keywords.

This is where the module really shines...

I always use the same theme site wide. That way no visitors get confused.

Re: theme changer and zetagenesis seem to be conflicting

Hey Jim





In a nut shell its not the themes that have the problem. Imho its the "module" not understanding all the new "smarty code" in the themes. Some morpho based themes still seem to work with the module.

I still have not nailed down what the offending piece of code is. I am sure its real simple and not that big of a deal to fix. The question is which piece of the code is it???

On the brighter side...

The Dev Trabis is working on something like this module with all kinds of new goodies. I have no idea about a release date but he is aware of the conflict between the new themes and the module.

Maybe he will stop by this thread with an update of his progress...

Re: Want to hire Xoops SEO expert

You need to work on your title tags and descriptions.

"Don't be fooled by our halos!"
Is not a very good seo term. Girl gaming, gamers and stuff like that will help alot.

This theme changer module will help you a lot breaking down the different sections of your site for better seo.

Theme changer 2.6

You can use this module to add different content to the description, keywords and the most important "titles" of your website...

Its a start and will help a lot.

Edit: Be careful the module does not like "most of the themes" with morpho code in them like the zeta theme.

There are however exceptions...

Re: [MULTIMENU] Navigation and menu manager - version 2.0 for test

Congrads Solo... Thank you for updating this must have module. Your instructions are very clear about needing to clone the module if the 1x versions are installed...

Once again ty... You rock man!

Re: Host will not allow CHMOD of 777

You host must be running php as a cgi module like suphp.

You should be able to set all those folders to the same 755
and 644 on the mainfile.

If you cannot your host will do it for you. XOOPS runs fine with those permissions under cgi.

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