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Can I include my own HTML pages in xoops?
Yes you can. There are several ways to do this, either by using dedicated content wrap modules or by following this procedure:

How to show HTML pages inside Xoops

This page describes how to include static HTML pages in your Xoops site.

Most people think you can easily add a link to the Mainmenu block and the linked site will automatically show up in the center area of Xoops. This is wrong! You have to tell Xoops, that it has to build the Xoops layout around that HTML site!

Basically there are two ways to include/wrap HTML pages into your Xoops

* Including 3 basic inlcude statements into your HTML file
* Use a content module to wrap your HTML pages

1. Basic include statements

You have to edit your HTML file and add the following lines above and below your HTML content. The relative path to mainfile.php depends on the folder you saved your HTML file.

The content of your original html file goes here!!


After you have done that, save your file as filename.php and no longer filename.html! The extension is important! Now when you call filename.php it will be perfectly included into your Xoops theme!

2. Using a module

A more common way is to use a content module to include your HTML pages into Xoops. There are a few modules out there which can handle HTML files. You can download the following modules at in the Modules/Themes section.

* TinyContent
* CjayContent
* FreeContent
* WF-Sections
* Mypage

My page is detailed in this FAQ HERE

For more information on these modules please read the included README files and search the Forum!

Michael van Dam

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 What about Mypage?

What about the easiest "wrapper" there is? Mypage by JackJ!

I've built entire sites around Mypage. Not only is it a LOT easier to use than the other modules mentioned, but it also creates search engine friendly URLS


 Re: What about Mypage?

Thanks for the comment: MYPage has already been featured, but not cross-referenced to this FAQ. Both FAQs have now been updated with cross links.


 Re: What about Mypage?

Thanks Carnuke. I guess I missed the other FAQ post.


 Wrapping web pages in xoops.

This thread Here about Auth(e) maybe of interest to users wanting to include external pages.

Auth allows you to insert html (or php or cgi) files into the XOOPS environment, without the need to wrap them. Simply place the complete site folder into the auth watch folder and it will be wrapped.


 Webalizer in Xoops

I wanted to know how to do this to inclue Webalizer output in my XOOPS site. Thanks for the advice, it works great (Now I need to do the add-link-to-main-menu bit).

Here is the tweaks I made to the /etc/webalizer.conf file to make it work:

HTMLExtension php

HTMLPre <?php
HTMLPre include("../mainfile.php");
HTMLPre include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/header.php");
HTMLPre ?>


HTMLEnd <?php
HTMLEnd include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/footer.php");
HTMLEnd ?>

Modify the path to mainfile.php to suit, and voila, Webalizer in Xoops


 Re: Webalizer in Xoops

Thanks wizarth for that snippet.



For inserting basic HTML pages, WF-Channel is a better choice than WF-Section, which is more for managing groups of categorized articles.

We have made a Perl script that lets you clone WF-Channel (version 1.06, not tested yet on 1.07) so that you can have multiple entries in your main menu for different standalone sections of content using that module. Details here:



 Re: WF-Channel

I tried the modules mentioned, but how can I display the viewcat section of web links inside a block as content only?
What I would like to see is the equivalent of this:

but without the navigation menus, and I don't want to link inside a frame, as I'd like it to flow within my web site.


 Re: What about Mypage?

This is direct link to MyPage


 Which one for this functionality?

Which (if any) of these options would be best to use to create a page that would pull in a single News module topic, a selected forum category, and selected blocks?

This may be already posted,but I've been looking at modules and instructions until I'm completely confused about what to try. Any assistance appreciated.


 Use Multi-Menu and TinyContent together

Here's what I did to allow custom HTML pages or Wysiwig content to be included in a XOOPS site.

2 Cool modules are better than 1!

Set up Multi-Menu with its amazing menu suite and then put "invisible" content (wysiwig editor or HTML pages) into TinyContent.

They make a wicked pair! No editing PHP - the only thing you do to link them is to build links in each Multi-Menu menu.

Then, point the links to link IDs in TinyContent like this:


where X is the link ID of your custom tinycontent.

This tip assumes that you know how to control the visibility of TinyContent pages and manipulate the various blocks and modules in both TC and MM.

Now, if you want to change anything about your site, all editing happens in module editing context - no HTML or FTP necessary. This is great for supporting novice users who need to become website editors but need some help.



 Re: Wrapping web pages in xoops.

I used auth(e) to load the entire original site. Once I'd worked out I had to copy the html pages into the 'sample' dir before uploading and installing, it went perfectly.

All internal and external links and images worked with no alteration in any code at all.

Great little module - and so versatile!


 Why i can't see Mypage in block administration.....?

I had follow the instruction given for module Mypage. but after i install that module i can't see mypage in block administration? i want mypage view in extreme left position.



 Re: Why i can't see Mypage in block administration.....

I am having the same problem


 Basic include statements

When using the basic include statements above to publish an exisitng HTML page, how do I include the original page title and meta data from the original HTML page?


 Code not working to frame html in xoops

I am using v2.2.3, I want to insert a simple html page within xoops. I have tried the above include code and uploaded the php file. But all I get is my html page without any wrap..

Is there an updated code for 2.2.3


Edit: I figured it out, the location of the mainfile must be relative to the host directory.


 A small problem...


i've just implemented method 1 - basic include statements, but i'm having a little difficulty.

The header and footer are included perfectly, but i have no right-hand side bar.

Please take a look at the page for what i'm on about:

Do you know how to get the right side bar to appear as well?

My index.php file looks like this:


Thanks in advance!


 Re: A small problem...

where is mypage now?


 Thanks jesphoto..

jesphoto.. checked your website

thanks a lot, was wondering how to do this.. as I am kinda new to XOOPS..


Search Engine Optimization for XOOPS



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