Re: Title bar

Maybe it's this?

Admin >>> Preferences >>> General Settings

First two options

Site name*

Slogan for your site*

Though I'm not sure as that's usually the first thing people would adjust when building their XOOPS site.


Re: How do we implement the Google feedburner for our RSS feeds

Click on this link

http://caribbeanancestry.com/forums/modules/newbb/rss.php?c=5 <<< this is the type link feedburner wants

It's the RSS feed of everything in your "Caribbean Genealogy Category" in Newbb (CBB)

Click the following link and you will see a little orange "RSS" feed icon (it's only small)


When you see that orange icon or similar it will have a mostly unique link to a RSS feed, Newbb is full of different RSS feeds, nearly everything in Newbb (CBB) has a feed, Categories, forums, global.

If you click on the orange icon you could just copy the link from the page that appears, that may be the easiest way to explain it.


Re: New Xoops site looking horrible...

Well yeah....but...but....never mind ;o)

Re: New XOOPS theme Discussion


sarahmx wrote:
lol this thread title should be change..

the new theme is not horrible..

Yep I agree, change the title to "New theme Discussion" or similar.


Re: New Xoops site looking horrible...


Mazarin wrote:
I can't seem to find a link to the themes library in the new theme. Is it just me or is it missing?

You are in the forum now look above at the Dark almost black Horizontal Menu Bar

Re: New Xoops site looking horrible...

Looking good!


Re: extgallery not showing publicly

This does not help you but similar maybe?

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=314656#forumpost314656

Note from Chefry's last post:

And it only happens in a public category if the parent category has more than 5 subdirectories

Re: extgallery not showing publicly

I know you say all settings are correct, but have you rechecked permissions in the module >>> Permissions and also in Admin >>> System >>> Groups, have you created at least one Album and placed an image in it?


Re: Sparkles v1 help

Hate to be a stick in the mud, but the "sparkles V1" theme appears to be a "paid for theme" you shouldn't really be offering it for download publically to all the world, well that's my take on it anyway, please do correct me if I am wrong.


From the themes folder

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions. Your purchase or use of our products implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions:http://www.xoopsdesign.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=88

1. Limited usage granted:

Your membership grants you rights to use the XOOPS Themes on your own, or your companies own website. The XOOPS Themes downloaded from www.xoopsdesign.com are available to use on as many of your own, or your clients sites.

2. Modifications:

You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our products to fit your purposes. You may not however redistribute or release modifications as GPL or otherwise. You may however remove the copyright from the footer of XOOPS Themes if needed.

3. Unauthorized use:

You may not place any of our products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind

Edit: Just so yas all know I have actually subscribed to xoopsdesign in the past and legally have this theme already ;o)

Edit 2: download link removed by OP

Re: Paypal Gateway, a simple solution

Have you looked at xdonations, I mean if you want to learn how to do it maybe looking at the code in that may help you. Here is the version with AUD, there are others about somewhere as well I'm sure.

xdonations (AUD included)

Let us know if you create something, it's always welcomed ;o)

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