Missing module files at dl.xoops.org

I understand that there may be quite a bit still messed up from the recent site hack (incidentally, has the exact cause of that been determined?). However, I'm finding a lot of module files are simply 404 when I try to download them.

Is there a guesstimated time frame for the recovery of (at least) the latest version of all modules?

Re: Subscriptions ?

I'll try to help you out, pod, if you don't have any takers yet. PM me.

Re: mod test v1.5 applied to kshop 1.17

That's really not so bad. However, I look forward to your corrections (and, I hope the modifications I suggested in your own forums).

Re: download file limit in debaser 0.92 BETA?

I commented out the two lines "stolen from wfsection ":

header("Content-Length: ".filesize($filename)."\n");

The result is that the system doesn't report the file size to the client at all (it was reporting the correct size previously) but the download still stops at 1.9 megs.

I don't know enough php to figure out what code is being used for the actual download in mydownloads, but whatever thedifference may be, mydownloads works. If I could do a single upload and populate both debaser and mydownloads I'd be fine with that.

Re: download file limit in debaser 0.92 BETA?

If it's any help, this is running under WAMP on Windows 2000 Pro. I'll be creating a LAMP server to test the whole thin on some time this week, but right now I lean to the problem being Windows-specific.

EDIT: I installed the Downloads module, and the problem does not exist there. Ergo, I deduce that the problem is in the debaser 0.92 BETA module. I will begin combing through the code to see if I can find the problem there.

Re: download file limit in debaser 0.92 BETA?

That was my first thought, too. I have changed both of thos params to 999M (a ridculous figure but certainly should be far more than enough) and restarted Apache - with identical results.

It's very strange, really. Oh, and this is the only php.ini on the entire system.

download file limit in debaser 0.92 BETA?

Is there a hidden file download size limit in debaser? It seems that no matter what I do in system preferences, php.ini, or the debaser preferences, any file downloaded will get to 2 megs (actually, 1.90 according to IE) and then report that it is complete - however, it isn't complete.

I've tried this with a Linux client using Mozilla and Windows using both Mozilla and Internet Explorer 6; it seems to be a server-side limit, but I can't find any place to change it.

debaser 0.92 BETA not properly escaped

I'm not enough of a php guru to know how to fix this, but I can identify the problem.

When debaser 0.92 BETA is allowed to create categories automatically from ID3 tags in batchloads, it fails to properly escape the ampersand (&) character. Furthermore, it fails to properly escape apostrophe characters (') in file names and track names.

As a result, categories will be created which cannot be edited nor deleted. Files will be added which cannot be edited without losing all text following the apostrophe.

And finally, a suggestion: Allow debaser to keep directory structures intact when using batchload, e.g., if I put a folder called "10cc" into the batchload folder, with several subfolders (album titles) containing the tracks, import the entire folder structure and keep the files organized the same way when they are moved to the uploads folder. With more than 16,000 tracks (which I already have), that uploads folder is going to get incredibly difficult to navigate at some point.

Re: A Few Really Important Questions!! (Fast Reply please!!)


davidl2 wrote:
I'm pretty sure it does - but it is 4am and my brain is starting to hallucinate... so if it doesnt, I appologise.

debaser does indeed allow batch loads and even reads the ID3 tags of MP3 files, and creates categories for them based on those tags.

Re: Gamers Unite!

I host the Golden Eagles clan site, using Xoops, Newbb2, running on Debian Linux. I'm looking for a good tournament ladder module. TEAM will have to do for now, I guess.

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