Re: Can content be extracted from one page to another?

Maybe I misunderstood your questions, but what you want is for your modules not to show up in the menu?

If that's right, just go to Sys Admin > Modules, and se the order number to 0.

Re: Anyone been hacked like this?

templates_c needs to be writable by XOOPS (so pages can be cached there). In some servers it can be 755, others has to be 777.

You can try 755, and if it works, then you're set. If you needed the 777, then you have to let the system rebuild the templates once in a while (so you don't get blank pages, or outdated content).

I had that problem with surpass about a year or more ago. Maybe they fixed it, because I hadn't had to let the templates rebuild for a long time (I used to get emails from users about blank pages).

That has been my experience...

Re: Spammer Using My XOOPS Site!!!!

Are they embedding code in your files (look at the source in your browser)? If they are, you need to empty the templates_c folder.

Re: how to redirect

Ask your system admin. Or use your .htaccess file to do it.

Re: Anyone been hacked like this?

That happened to me once. I don't know if it was XOOPS or ftp, but I think ftp.

I just changed the chache and template_c permissions to 755. Once in a while I change them back to 777, and let them rebuild for about a day.

Is your host surpasshosting, by any chance?

Re: Groups/ Meetups.com

Did anything happen with this new meetup module?

i would be very interested as well.

Re: 2 different xoops-sites, but one forum cbb 3.05??

This is just a thought...

Install both XOOPS site in the same database (different database prefixes). In the admin site, which doesn't need registration, you can hack the cbb module to read the database of the other XOOPS installation, instead of the one of that installation.

you'd have to look for statements like:

$sql "SELECT COUNT(*) AS total FROM 
.$xoopsDB->prefix("bb_topics")." WHERE forum_id = $forum_id";

and change them to something like:

$sql "SELECT COUNT(*) AS total FROM 
xoops_client_bb_topics WHERE forum_id = 

I did something similar to get xcgall to read from a coppermine installation...

Re: user level file access

Can't you create a group with the users you want to grant access to the files?

I know there is a module that can then send invitation to join that group... Can't remember the name, though...

Re: Are you making money with Xoops?

I guess I forgot also to ask. Is the revenue from ads, or subscriptions?

Even it it's end meet, sounds like you can make a living with a XOOPS site.

Re: How to add a new php page

welcome to xoops

to answer your questions


1. How to create a new php page to which I could POST data from another php page? I understand how to create a new block, but cannot figure out how to reference a page to submit the data.

you need a module (like TinyContent ) to add your own content. you can wrap pages or create pages.

2. How to change the links on the top menu (horizontal)? Are there any mods to create dhtml menus?

you can customize the template for the main menu to include anything you want. Go to Admin > System Admin > Templates. If you haven't done so, clone your default template set. In your new template set you can go to system, and then modify system_block_mainmanu.

There are also modules for menus, but I haven't tried them myself

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