Re:Webmail module

Will check this out.
Hopefully better then Hivemail port over. (Which costs money.)

Re:Web mail module for direct integration w/ xoops (automatic account creation with user creation

I'd pay for it.
Email me, in my profile, if you've got it.

Re:Module like Liaise or Formulaire, but storing user's answers on MySQL

Can't find a link to download.
Guessing, it's still in production?

Re:Looking for a Email Module, eg. Hivemail?

If so, please email me at: admin@symbiotic-online.com

Looking for a Email Module, eg. Hivemail?

Hey guys,

I'm interested in introducing Hivemail into my website (http://www.symbiotic-online.com), and offer free email to users.
Some people converted it over, eg tom. I think.
I hav'nt bought the script yet, but I was wondering, if there was someone able to implement it, if I do purchuce it? Will pay.

Any other Email Modules, that let you have your own email eg. admin@symbiotic-online.com ?
That can recivie and send email?


Re: Paying $100US to convert php script over to Xoops

Sorry about being so vague, but it's (http://www.web4future.com/products.php?p=edating)
It's around about 350kb in size or so. \
Yes I do have permission.

Right now I have a seperate database for it. Which annoys me. All I really want is it to have the same PM system or so.

Also, is $100 enough? Or should it be higher?

Any help on this?
I really need this for my site.
Could you negoiate a price?

It's pretty simple, not really complexed.
My email as: admin@symbiotic-online.com
If your interested, please, please contact me, and we can negotiate a price.

Thank you.

Paying $100US to convert php script over to Xoops


I was wondering if I could ask anyone who is a coder to convert, a personals script that I have just bought.
I use it in an iframe using ThemeChanger. But it's not all that great.
I was wondering if someone could intergate it into the site, so people don't have to sign up again, and have it share the same Private Messaging feature (Invision PM module) also merge the IPM profile, and the profile together.

It's edating script

Re: Editing Main Menu? (Yes! I did a search!)

It should be possible too.
Why is it that Spaw and Theme Changer, don't have a menu link?

Editing Main Menu? (Yes! I did a search!)


Yes, I did a search before I did this.
I was wondering if there is a way to REMOVE a module from the main menu?
You may say this is silly, but before I just used a drop down bar, for the menu.
But wanted to bring it back.

I have FlashChat, and I have made it so in TinyContent, you click Chat, and then click a Room, and it pops up.
But if you go into the FlashChat Module, it'll of course, display inside the page.
I don't want that. I'm basicly using another page to display the module.
I not looking into removing sub catogorys...

Is there any way around this? Or would I have to create my own menu? Which I don't want to do. =(

Thanks for your help.


Re: Strange Issues with Cache & XCgal

I too have it as well.
Also, do some of your users see "Admin Mode" Or is that suppose to happen also? I've also noticed that, when I go into the xcgal... mrrrmmm..

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