Re: SmartSection 2.14 is not updated

You mean that the module doesn't update when in admin>system>modules>update ?

Could you rephrase the question or give us an error to look at?

Re: Help request: Mx-directory, error in email sending to business owners

@ zyspec

As reported in this thread, I have the same email problem (button activates 'tell a friend' instead of email to advertiser). If your hack works for Alan, can I have a copy too, or can you post it here for everyone to try?

Re: New module: ASCII Artist

Valgt modul eksisterer ikke!

Re: Xoops won't send emails over SMTP on Windows 7

[Moderator's note: Please don't double post. It just spreads any answers all over the place or fills up the server with duplicated information.]

If you have any advice to offer TE5LA, please reply in this earlier thread.

Re: trouble with module

... not sure that I understand your question, but are you looking for this module? Don't forget that it's still alpha (though pretty stable if you ask me).

Re: Upgrade path?

Glad you've sorted it out.

Just to be clear, and for anyone else reading this thread in the future, 2.3.x means any version of the 2.3 series, and 'the right update package' is always included in the latest release.
In James02's case, he wants to upgrade from 2.3.2 to the latest version (currently 2.4.4). 'right' in this case means the version you want to upgrade to (2.4.4). There are no plain upgrade packages for xoops. All stable releases include the entire core with instructions on how to upgrade your current installation included.

As an aside, the 'a' and 'b' in versions 2.3.2 and the 'b' in 2.3.3 do not denote 'alpha' and 'beta' as one might think, but (for reasons that escape me) were actually bug fixes/security patches.

For the latest stable release, look in the "XOOPS Core (stable releases)" folder on Sourceforge.

Hope that clears things up.

Re: Upgrade path?

Re Q1:
From the release notes of the 2.4.4 complete package
Upgrading from XOOPS 2.3.x and 2.4.x(easy way)
1. Get the right update package from the sourceforge file repository
2. Overwrite files in XOOPS directory on your server with the content of /htdocs
* make sure that you copy the content of /xoops_lib to whatever directory you keep it on the server now (it should be your current XOOPS_TRUST_PATH directory), then delete the /xoops_lib directory. There can NOT be two directories with the content of /xoops_lib
3. If you have Protector previously installed, open the "mainfile.php" file , and remove the Pre-check and Post-check lines (if they exist):

include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/precheck.inc.php' ;
include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/postcheck.inc.php' ;

4. If you're upgrading from XOOPS 2.4.x, make the file /include/license.php writeable (permission 0777 on Linux)
5. Access <your.site.url>/upgrade/ with a browser, and follow the instructions
6. Follow the instructions to update your database
7. Delete the "upgrade" folder from your server
8. Update the "system" module from the modules administration interface. Other modules, especially "Profile" and "Protector" are recommended to update as well

Re Q2:
No, it's an Alpha release, not even Beta yet. Certainly not ready for production sites.

Re: Fatal Error

Can you tell us your xoops, sql and php versions?

Re: link to facebook

This post might be of help.

Search is your friend!

Re: ZenCart On XOOPS

We'll be keeping an eye on the blog, many thanks Hira.

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