Re: IIS server can't use htaccess - how can I rewrite URL's

The best solution is probably this one: find a good host.

Re: About Module URL


PantyShot wrote:
First, thanks for your answer. The 2nd one is a bit hard, i cant do this. And the first one i tried it but it doesnt work. Can some one clone for me with another name? X__X

You'll find an easier alternative for the 2nd way (with urls like yourdomain/tralala/) if you google on "xorewritemodule"

Cloning a SmartSection manually is not that difficult, it simply takes time. Cloning SmartSection with clone.php is a lot quicker, but I did not get clone.php to work. If clone.php works on your system, it should be easy and fast.

Re: Users of Yogurt


ladysham wrote:
...1. If you have implemented Yogurt on your site, could you please post a link to your site? I'd like to see different way this module is used.



2. Also, if you have implemented Yogurt on your site, which version is the best to use?

I did not compare them, sorry


3. And last, what should we watch out for when implementing this module?

Have a look at the bug reports and feature requests athttp://sourceforge.net/projects/galeriayogurt/ , this gives quite a good impression of the current issues of this beta version. Please submit any bugs you find on that site.

Re: Xoops and OpenID

Hi folks, I wanted to test OpenID as a user before installing it, but it does not work. This is what I did:

1) I registered my openid onhttp://claimid.com. Confirmed the e-mail.
2) Visitedhttp://community.xoofoo.org/ andhttp://www.trance.co.il/
3) on both sites, I filled in my OpenID username and clicked on "Identification"

RESULT: white screen.

(I use FF3)

Did I misunderstand it, or doesn't it work?

UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED! I made an error in registering an OpenID

Re: XOOPS Tabs ?

1) Brilliant module.
2) It looks very cool.
3) I consider using it myself somewhere, now that I have seen the possibilities.
4) IMHO, there is to much diversity in navigation methods on the xoops.org frontpage. New users, non-geeks and people older than 30 (I'm one of them ;) ) will feel confused. It is simply a matter of too much of the cool stuff. Usability = keeping things simple.

Re: Opinion War -- Battle of the Editors

Thanks Peekay! I applied your trick and it works!

Re: Cloning Smart Section 2.13

Than apparently, you did not change the word freesection in your code. Suppose you would call your module YadayadaYada and you would have cloned it correctly, it would try to create a table xoops_yadayadayada_categories, not xoops_freesection_categories.

Re: smartfactory modules are ADWARES


Peekay wrote:

Mikhail Miguel wrote:
so all smartfactory modules are ADWARES (not opensource):

No, there's no suggestion of that. SmartFactory modules are GPL. They are generally very good and well supported. It's just the ads I object to. You can remove them if you are prepared to hack the code a little. I would just rather not see them there in the first place.

I created a derivate of SmartSection without the hidden text links, the banner on the Admin site is still the same. Seehttps://sourceforge.net/projects/freesection/

Re: Cloning Smart Section 2.13

The SmartSection derivate FreeSection has been released. More info on FreeSection

Click here to download!

(By the way, I was unable to post on the XOOPS module repository)

Re: How do I take over a xoops site?

And as you are a beginner, here is the golden tip: Make a back-up of your site and its database before you do anything!. Contact your host if you don't know how to make a backup.

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