Re: Are you making money with Xoops?

Well, I run a few websites, mostly out of enjoyment of this as a hobby. However one of my sites that does not only cover its cost but makes a profit is one that charges a small MEMBERSHIP fee to gain posting access. Otherwise all aspects of my site are free to search, view post, read articles. And even ask a question on limited topics. Those interested in full interactive posting pay the fee.

It works best when you can find a nich market share to design your site for, something not everyone else is doing. If you have alot of competition, why would someone pay when they can usually find it free elsewhere.

Also, my most benficial cash flow is that I DONT USE ADSENSE but instead only allow advertisement from business that specifically helps my site uniqe needs. For that those limited banner ads (smartpartners) get listed in the sites directory (smartpartner module) and for that they pay a annual fee.

Hope that might help.....but again I also have other sites that don't make a penny and enjoy setting them up, and just seeing how they play out over time.
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Re: How to verify what xoops version I am running?

Thanks, I knew the answer was simple, but I figure helpful to many looking to upgrade their XOOPS site!!!

Mine said:

// $Id$

So.... know confident where to start my upgrade process. I am off to work on making it current
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How to verify what xoops version I am running?

Don't laugh, but over time I forgot what was the last version of XOOPS I have installed/upgraded to.

How can I confirm the exact version before I start the UPGRADE PROCESS to the most current version.
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Re: Drop down options in CBB usermenu

Excellent...I do believe you found it!! Thank You so much. I hope others using the newbb2.0 wanting some control over the userbar dropdown choices will be happy to know where the file is.

Now to email my members that the ability to PM and See profile directly from the forums is back!!

Anyone interested in limiting what choices in the userbar when enabled will be shown can edit the post.php file.

I simply added the // to comment out those items such as YIM and MSMN as shown in the example of the code below, that I didn't wnat to be a clickable item in the forums users dropdown list. I find this the easiest way to modify it and if I ever want to add those items back I can just go back and remove the //.

if ($xoopsModuleConfig['userbar_enabled']) {
$uname = $eachposter->getVar('uname');
$name = $eachposter->getVar('name');
$uname = (empty($xoopsModuleConfig['show_realname'])||empty($name))?$uname:$name;
$profile_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['personal'], _PROFILE);
$pm_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['pm'], sprintf(_SENDPMTO, $uname));
$icq_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['icq'], _MD_ICQ);
$email_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['email'], sprintf(_SENDEMAILTO, $uname));
$aim_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['aim'], _MD_AIM);
$home_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['home'], _VISITWEBSITE);
// $yim_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['yahoo'], _MD_YIM);
// $msnm_png = newbb_displayImage($forumImage['msnm'], _MD_MSNM);

$userbar = (is_object($xoopsUser))? "<tr><td class='head'><small><a class='newbb_link' href='" . XOOPS_URL . "/userinfo.php?uid=" . $eachposter->getVar('uid') . "' />" . $profile_png . "&nbsp;" . _PROFILE . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar .= (is_object($xoopsUser))? "<tr><td class='head'><small><a class='newbb_link' href=\"javascript:openWithSelfMain('" . XOOPS_URL . "/pmlite.php?send2=1&to_userid=" . $eachposter->getVar('uid') . "', 'pmlite', 450, 380);\">" . $pm_png . "&nbsp;" . sprintf(_SENDPMTO, $uname) . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar .= ($isadmin || (is_object($xoopsUser) && $eachposter->getVar('user_viewemail')))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='mailto:" . $eachposter->getVar('email') . "'>" . $email_png . "&nbsp;" . sprintf(_SENDEMAILTO, $uname) . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar .= ($eachposter->getVar('url'))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='" . $eachposter->getVar('url') . "' target='_blank'>" . $home_png . "&nbsp;" . _VISITWEBSITE . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar .= (is_object($xoopsUser) && $eachposter->getVar('user_icq'))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='http://www.icq.com/whitepages/search_result.php?search_type=uin&to=%25U&uin=" . $eachposter->getVar('user_icq') . "' target='_blank'/>" . $icq_png . "&nbsp;" . _MD_ICQ . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar .= (is_object($xoopsUser) && $eachposter->getVar('user_aim'))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='aim:goim?screenname=" . $eachposter->getVar('user_aim') . "&message=Hi+" . $eachposter->getVar('user_aim') . "+Are+you+there?' target='_blank'>" . $aim_png . "&nbsp;" . _MD_AIM . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
// $userbar .= (is_object($xoopsUser) && $eachposter->getVar('user_yim'))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='http://edit.yahoo.com/config/send_webmesg?.target=" . $eachposter->getVar('user_yim') . "&.src=pg' target='_blank'>" . $yim_png . "&nbsp;" . _MD_YIM . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
// $userbar .= (is_object($xoopsUser) && $eachposter->getVar('user_msnm'))? "<tr><td class='head' ><small><a class='newbb_link' href='http://members.msn.com?mem=" . $eachposter->getVar('user_msnm') . "' target='_blank'>" . $msnm_png . "&nbsp;" . _MD_MSNM . "</a></small></td></tr> ":" ";
$userbar = '';
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Re: Drop down options in CBB usermenu

I looked under language/main.php but it only defines items, I am under modules/newbb however it may be I am suing the older newbb2.0 not CBB so maybe the files are different.

However, the code you showed me is exactly what I am trying to locate.....where oh where is it hiding!!

(p.s. Thanks for taking anytime out to try to help me on this)
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Re: Drop down options in CBB usermenu

Maybe a different approach may help to find the answer.

When you select ENABLE USERBAR in the forums just like in this XOOPS site.

Where is the DROPDOWN USERBAR defined if I wish to edit it to NOT include a persons YIM or MSN item in the drop down list?
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Could not insert forum post error in forums

I have a user who is using Mozilla Firefox on a computer system running WinXT. He says he for some reason can not post in the forums. He can enter a New Topic type it and then he clicks on submit and says it says " Could not insert forum post ". No other users say they are having this problem. Any suggestions of what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I've mentioned to him to make sure he is not blocking cookies to the site. He also says he has a problem changing his password if that is in anyway associated.
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Re: Drop down options in CBB usermenu

I'll look in those two and search for that comment. I will let you know..fingers crosses.

The english/main.php file only lets me define the word on how it will read in the drop down userbar.

I didn't see the other file.

I just need to know where the script that controls the actual DROPDOWN USERBAR is at.
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Re: newbb2 expand userbar mod help

DOES ANYONE..have any idea what file needs to be modified?????
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Re: Open in new Window

What module are you using? Is it a XOOPS chat module (none of which work that great if you want live chat) or is it one you are using a custom block to run?

The more detail you give the better chance of getting a detailed answer.
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