Re: Which shopping cart?

I've looked at Bookshop..it looks like a good module but book and author-centric. I'm looking for a shopping cart that would work well with clothing (sizes, colors,etc). Is there other carts that would be good for this. Zen cart looked to be standalone with a XOOPS integration package available at sourceforge.

Are the any carts that works well with clothing ? Thanks

Which shopping cart?

Hi folks,

I need a shopping cart for a XOOPS 2.0.16 site. Sometime back I'd bought xAsset/xTotal for another purpose and thought it'd work but when the author shut down I started looking at kshop. That too I read is abandoned. Is zen cart the only option?

I need a fairly simple cart but I also like reselling anothers inventory..that's possible with this new site..we think we will have a lot of affiliates.

Thanks CM

Scaling up


I've been working on a soon to be launched site where the management anticipates explosive growth. I'm curious how well the XOOPS framework scales up. Are there any docs on running a site with many users? Yesterday we had a teleconference with an Indian software group (they had about 125 programmers) and they mentioned how much they liked developing for xoops. When I asked them about scaling up to a large number of members and what resources we should prepare to use.they dodged my questions.

So how well does XOOPS scale? Is the XOOPS Cube software that much more scalable? They speak a lot of a leaner more scalable core.

Re: Rename a user name?

Hey Shine,

I knew I could change everything else user related but I did not know I could rename an account. I had a bad experience last week when removing some users...after I deleted a handful of users my gallery no longer worked..the white screen where nothing (sql debug,etc) appeared. I learned from that experience that some modules manage users data separate from the user admin console. Which is why I went looking for possible conflicts.


Rename a user name?


My boss asked me to rename a member account. I looked through my 270 tables and found uname in 6. After checking other tables for the account in question I updated my table and was able to login with the new account. But I thought I should follow up and ask if anyone knows of any other possible conflicts. We have custom user pages and weather links and I want to be sure...cause now he will surely ask again.

Thank, CM

Re: $newid in register.php?

I have some extra fields in the user table for weather and tide forecasts. While making changes last week I created a clone of the user table and developed software around the cloned table..this allowed me to test changes without having my members modifying a table. When I'd made all my table updates I'd copied my user table from my clone. At this point the autoincrement and primary key tags were lost from my user table. I don't remember but like I did a drop table and copy back to back.

In register.php $newid should always give you a new user id after the new member data is inserted into the user table. Thanks again wtravel for your assist.

$newid in register.php?


I'm building a new XOOPS site with lots of customizations and have a registration problem. In registration there's a statement
$newid = $newuser->getVar('uid');

Which I believe returns a new user id for the registration attempt. Sometime in the last week this has started returning a value of '0' for all $newid. Could I have mangled my database somehow? My users register with account activation by email. I get the notices to admin that I have a new account but the activation mail never gets to the person who wants to sign up. It's worked find for months. How do I trace down this problem?

Thanks for any ideas. CM

Re: Unconfirmed registrations?

It's very strange. In testing the registration I've created 10 test accounts to find out why activation mail is not being sent. Each account begins like 'mo' so I could distinguish them from regular users. When I search for all users beginning with 'mo' it tells me the search results found 10 accounts. And then underneath only 3 are listed. I've set it to show me all accounts with 'mo' active or inactive and with or without a mail account.

Unconfirmed registrations?


My members are confirmed by the email activation link. I have a handful of new users who don't get their confirmation email. The admin DOES get mail the new member username has signed up.

I have installed the 'resend activation mail' program I believe I downloaded from the module repository..written by Fernando Santos. And in the past this has worked as it should. The program does resend an activation link but when you click on the confirm link the browser says something like 'Taking you back to where you were before'.

However whenever I attempt to login I get a message like 'The selected user has been deactivated or has not been activated yet. Please contact the administrator for details'. The user name is not in the users database but XOOPS somehow knows they've applied for an account. What table contains the unconfirmed accounts and how can I hand validate these accounts?

thanks CM

Moving away from xcGallery

I've been building a XOOPS site and used xcGallery to build test galleries for my site. My clients would now like to move away from xcGallery and I'm looking for an easy to use gallery that has a script to migrate the galleries over. xcGallery was ok but awkward to use .. explaining user and admin mode was a pain for all. We have non-computer users who'll be using the site so I'm looking for these requirements: Very easy to use, public galleries (open and moderated), user galleries (only public), ratings and comments, a way to handle a photo of the month would be nice but we can do it on our own. Also we'd like members to be able to upload photos into their own user gallery by using something like xrmanager. We plan on member user pages and would like the ablity to upload directly to members disk directory without using a gallery module. Resizing photos on the fly is nice...watermarks are extra credit.

Thanks all in advance for the advice.

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