Re: System --> Templates - Viewing Only or can you edit?

Sorry, what does cloning accomplish?
A backup?

Re: System --> Templates - Viewing Only or can you edit?

I'm so confused.
So is this the way, to save blocks through browsers? Or..? am I getting confused with another method?

System --> Templates - Viewing Only or can you edit?

Hey guys,

I've always wondered about the Templates section in System, where you can view the template themselves. But they're for viewing only. You can input infomation, but there is no saving utility.
I was wondering, can you SAVE templates whilst in the browser of XOOPS Admin? Or do you have to do it manually by uploading the template via FTP?
I've been doing this way for awhille. Maybe I'm wrong.
Would you have to set the files to 777 in order them to work?

Would LOVE to know if you can save them in the browser, would fasten time.

Re:How to extend registration form?

Uhm, try Koudoshi's port of Invision Power Board Module 2.0.
(http://www.bbpixel.com) It takes over registeration, and you can add custom fields.

Re:How to Create a Dynamic Menu

Want an example? Check my website.

Re:How to Create a Dynamic Menu

Actually, ignore the other links, they're usualy can only load on IE, have massive amounts of code, which take ages to load your website.
Try, Smartmenus, it's easy to install, it's browser wide compatible, and easy to set up, and can do virtually anything you want.
I think the link is, http://www.smartmenus.org ? But try google.
It's free for non commerical websites only, otherwise, you pay $35 for a licence. They guy diserves the money.

Re:Can we run a theme contest?

I think that the simpular the contest is, the more chance of submissions, and the overall fun. So what if it's not W3C compatible. Alot of websites are'nt.
It also becomes a pain in the butt.

C'mon keep the contest simple, not a mountain of rules you have to follow by. Hey, it's not some giant cash jackpot, is'nt it?

Anyways, I'm in.
You need to put creativity in there as well, alot of XOOPS sites look the same. Really bores me out.

Re: WebmailFX -ERR Username/Password help!


I've been getting errors when using WebmailFX, I did everything correctly, I uploaded the latest version, CHMOD'd the files all correctly, put the correct settings for POP3 mail.
No clue on what, "Default Single Account Name:" means, so I ignored it.

And I get a, "Error: -ERR Username/Password Mismatch perhaps anotheruser@yourdomain.com ?"

When I view the index...
Also the weird thing is, the XOOPS wrapper comes off, so it's just the module in blank space.

Could really appricate it, I searched the forums, no answer.

Refer site to a friend in a block?


I know there is a module for refer a friend, but was wondering if was one in a block, basicly just inputing, your friends email, and your email...?

Re:User Group Module (Will pay...)

I meant, that, a system where users can create groups of their own accord, without admin assistance. Yeah... But it's okay though.
Looks like no one is interested.

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