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Is there a way to Exclude a module from being searched and from being shown in the advanced search option, i.e no check box in 'Search In'?
Requested by Martyboy and Answered by Shine on 2005/11/25 8:46:56 (4345 reads)
Yes there is.
For example I'll take the mylinks module.

Open the file:
xoops_version.php from the mylinks module and look for the code:
// Search
$modversion['hasSearch'] = 1;
$modversion['search']['file'] = "include/";
$modversion['search']['func'] = "mylinks_search";

By changing:
$modversion['hasSearch'] = [b]0[/b];

this module will be excluded from being searched and shown within the advanced search option.

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not working for isearch module in XOOPS 2.018rc1 ... id=283632#forumpost283632