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multiMenu's blocks

One of the most important features of multiMenu are his blocks. As stated above, you have for each menu a corresponding block (ranging from 1 to 4 + the admin one), plus 2 other custom menu blocks (A and B). For each and every available blocks, you can have a very wide range of applications, display and options.

When editing a multiMenu block, use the “Setting” option, in 6 different catégories.

1) Block Format

You can display the multiMenu links under 11 different forms:
- Standard Menu (Main Menu like)
- Drop List
- Select Box
- Fixed Picture
- Scrolling Picture (scrolling without pause)
- Sliding Picture (scrolling with pause)
- Unordered list (without numbers)
- Ordered list (with numbers)
- Unordered list
- Scrolling List (scrolling without pause)
- Sliding List (scrolling with pause at the end)

~Number of columns:
Define the amount of columns you want your links to be displayed. This option is only available for Standard Menu and Fixed Picture option.

2) Links

~Link type to display:
Define which kind of links your want to display amongs all links category.
~Order by:
In which order do you want to display your links: by weight (defined by admin order) or by ordered or reversed alphabetical order.

3) Title

~Display Title:
Do you want to display the links title. This option should be used only with links which have an illustration picture!
~Max. Lenght:
How maximum long should be the title ? Define the maximum value here.

4) Picture

~Display Picture:
Do you want to display the links title.
~Max. Widht:
Set the maximum picture width to keep a uniform look of your illustrations and menus. If the picture is smaller, it won't be resized to prevent any pixelisation effect.

5) Scroll Settings

Those options are only valuable if you select the Sliding Picture format. ~Block width and height:
Define the block general size. Check picture width option to tweak the perfect sttings.
Define the general scrolling speed of your pictures and links.

6) Random Links

~Random links:
multiMenu gives you the possibility to display a selection of random links. Define here wether you want it or not. Of course, this options should be used carefully if you are using several different link types (category, main links, sublinks and note) and work better with only one link type.
~Number of random link to display:
This option define the number of random link to dispalay. Keep in mind that it would display X links after the first random picked links.

Thanks for choosing multiMenu, as always, we are happy to receive any comments and feedback so that we may continually improve the quality and features of this module.

- The authors.
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