multiMenu 1.7 - when multiMenu goes sitemap

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Preferences (or module general settings)

Before using this multiMenu module, we suggest to have a careful look at the admin settings. This is where you will define the functional and personal settings of your module. Those settings have a direct impact on the index pages (but not on block settings).

~Display Main page:
You may activate or not the Sitemap option here. If you desactivate it, you may eventuellay keep using it as a fake module to display whatever block you want, or use is as a secondary homepage. Keep in mind this would only deactivate the main index page, not the sub-index sitemap pages.

~Introduction text:
Put here the text you want to see above the main index page. This text accept Xoops and HTML codes.

~Display banner: You have the possibility to display or not a banner or the module name above all the module pages. If you want to change the banner, change the '/module/multiMenu/images/logo.gif' file.

~Display multiMenu page (from 1 to 4): Choose the multiMenu content you want to display in the index pages.

~Menu Title (from 1 to 4):
Define the index and admin multiMenu page titles. Pay attention, this won't affect the related blocks title!

~Display Nav Bar:
A navigation bar with the activated index page would display above each and every page. If you don't want this function, you can desactivate it here.

~Default image width:
Fix the standard maximum size value a picture would display on the index pages. It would only resize pictures which are bigger than this value (thus, no stretching effect).

~Display icons:
Activating this function would display icons in front of each and every links. There are actually 4 types of links :
  • Absolute main links
  • Absolute sub links
  • Relative main links
  • Relative sub links

~Menu to display in theme:
This option allow you to display one of your multiMenu directly in your theme. All you need to do is to insert that code in your current theme *:

<{include file="../modules/multiMenu/theme/multimenu.php"}>

* Note: Only 'main links' are displayed in theme!

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