wgFaker Released for Testing

goffy  30-Aug-2022 00:00 6228 Reads   3 Comment(s) 
XOOPS wgFaker released for testing/contributions!

Hi XOOPS community

For users it is always nice, if they can load test data directly after installing a module, because then it is easier to see and to understand, how the module works and how it looks alike on user side. And most of our new modules are supporting this test data feature.
Creating and updating these test data is time consuming and therefore I developed a new module especially for our module developers team: wgFaker

Main features:
- Read tables and fields
- Based on field type the module makes a pre-selection of possible datatype (= output type)
- You can change the datatype in order to get the data you wish
- examples of datatypes:
- autoincrement of table
- random integer
- random integer within defined range
- running integer, start with 1
- fixed defined number
- random float
- random text
- fixed defined text
- your defined text with running number
- random yes/no
- random firstname
- random lastname
- random email
- random date
- random date within defined range
- current date
- random uid of XOOPS users
- random IP4
- random IP6
- random phone number
- random country code
- random id of selected table
- random color
- random uuid
- random language
- random value of custom list
- Generate test data according the (pre)settings
- View test data as table or yaml
- Copy test data into 'modules/{modulename}/testdata/{language}' and load them in module
- Update date fields directly in the tables

The module help section includes a detailed tutorial.



Bugs or wishes for changes/new features:

XOOPS 2.5.11;
PHP 7.4 or higher;
MySQL 5.5;

wgEvents is ready for PHP 8.0

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 Re: wgFaker Released for Testing

Thanks a lot for sharing.


 Re: wgFaker Released for Testing

Awesome job, as always!!!!


 Re: wgFaker Released for Testing

You will always amaze me.
Thank you for this module, which will help us a lot. I will test it as soon as I can as I am busy translating and testing two modules right now.
Thanks again for this!



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