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Alain API Monxoops

The XOOPS CMS is built on the basis of a framework which provides a set of specifications for:

  • The routines ,
  • The data structures ,
  • The object classes ,
  • The variables ,
  • The namespaces .

The site promised it, there will be available resources for developers.

To allow you to familiarize yourself with the kernel, here is a first element with the XOOPS API (Application Programming Interface) made available to the developer community. These documents were generated using Doxygen , a generator of software documentation from source codes and supported by Graphviz , a graph viewer. Of course, this documentation is not complete since it was generated on the fly from the information contained in the sources of XOOPS.

API resource available on the dedicated subdomain

Good lecture and good discovery !

For, the current team, Greg and Alain

You can read the original news here

Doxygen Generator of software documentation from source codes

Graphviz Graph viewer

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Very nice work!!!

Please don't forget that we also have API details at: