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Translation tool : Xtranslate

chco2  14-Mar-2009 22:18  5758 reads   7 Comment(s) 
Resized Image is pretty proud to present a contribution to the XOOPS community: Xtranslate!
A (windows) tool that should help you translate XOOPS and XOOPS modules into your own language much easier.

It is still in development, but the current version is very useable!

Get it here! (You do need...
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Change the Web Challenge!

Mamba  27-Feb-2009 16:38  5428 reads   2 Comment(s) 
Resized Image

We would like to encourage all XOOPS developers to participate in the "Change the Web Challenge"

Social Actions' Change the Web Challenge is about building innovative tools to help people find and share opportunities to take action on the websites, blogs, and social networks that we all visit...
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Documentation on the Api of the Xoops modules

kris_fr  03-Nov-2008 09:30  9646 reads   6 Comment(s) 
I love, the website for API documentation for modules developers, recently has been changed and updated:

  • to make more ergonomic navigation of the XOOPS Core API generated by Doxygen and by PhpXref,
  • to add list of international support sites,
  • to add links to XooFoo websites.

A second stage...

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New Module Logo design for XOOPS 2.3

Mamba  25-Aug-2008 11:19  18665 reads   34 Comment(s) 
In preparation for XOOPS 2.3 release, we're changing the Module Logo design.

As mentioned in our WOX Newsletter #10, our XOOPS Friends in Spain Eme3Design developed a new look for the standard Admin Theme (see here...).

We liked the idea a lot, so we've decided to follow it and change the logos...
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Heads up: XOOPS is on Usenet!! :-v

wishcraft  01-Aug-2008 07:21  5140 reads   5 Comment(s) 
I have some great news for xoops for all the team and people involved, we now have our own complete section in UseNet, if you are wondering what UseNet is you may have at one point seen something like google tunneling you into a group like alt.topics or sci.facility or even soc.something this...
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Xoops API documentation upgraded

kris_fr  24-May-2008 18:37  53106 reads   6 Comment(s) 
Developer News

Nat Sakimura joins the XOOPS Developement Team

Mamba  20-May-2008 07:48  9048 reads   11 Comment(s) 
We are very happy to announce that Nat Sakimura, is officially joining the XOOPS Development Team.

Resized Image

Nat Sakimura is the author for XOOPS OpenID module, and he will be implementing OpenID into XOOPS core for XOOPS 2.3* or 2.4, perhaps with another XOOPS core developer, while DJ will be working with...
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Catzwolf joining the XOOPS Development Team

Mamba  28-Apr-2008 19:38  10860 reads   21 Comment(s) 
We are very happy to announce that Catzwolf is officially joining the XOOPS Development Team.

He is a brilliant developer, author of countless XOOPS modules, and we are extremely happy to have him back with us.

Please extend a warm "welcome back" to John.

With this we would like to officially...
Developer News is open for developers

Mamba  27-Apr-2008 12:14  14956 reads   19 Comment(s) 
We are pleased to announce that our development site, is open for business.

As most of you know, it was damaged by malicious hackers last year, and it took us some time to repair it. We believe, it's now working, but if you find any problems, please let us know.

We would like...
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Calling for XOOPS Developers

Mamba  17-Apr-2008 07:00  17438 reads   33 Comment(s) 
Dear XOOPS Developers,

there are some exciting news coming up, and we'll need your help!!!

1) has been reinstalled, and before we go live with it, we need some of the XOOPS developers who have been using it before and have their modules there, to test it. If you would like...
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2008 Google Summer of Code - Project Ideas Page

Mamba  07-Mar-2008 08:25  3449 reads   1 comment 

* Integration with a third-party PHP framework, most likely CakePHP

* Full support PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.0+ natively

* Supporting multiple database drivers

* Supporting multiple authentication drivers, including native xoopsDB, LDAP, OpenID, etc.

* Supporting multi-site...
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Xoops Top Sites, Submit Your Xoops Site

Ft24v2  30-Sep-2007 20:34  5928 reads   1 comment 
Hey everyone at,

Ive created a top sites site forsites Made with xoops. I thought it would be a cool idea to have everyones xoops site in one directory, but be able to vote for each site. The site is finished feature wise, but its actual look and buttons aren't the final design. But...
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2 plugins smarty for Xoops against spambots

DuGris  23-Sep-2007 22:32  6171 reads   2 Comment(s) 
xoEmail: Converts email for a simple protection against spambots.
With this plugin you can modify the address email with value of replacements which you will have configured.

Quote: => duchemin [your value] free [your value] fr => duchemin [AT] free [DOT] fr

You can...
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The XOOPS group on Facebook !

marcan  21-Sep-2007 00:10  5564 reads   2 Comment(s) 
The XOOPS group on Facebook !It is my great pleasure to announce that a XOOPS group has been created on Facebook to create connections between XOOPSers of the world ! If you are interested, simply access this group here, or do a quick search for XOOPS in Facebook. Hope to see you there ! Cheers !
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Freeform Solutions is hiring a Junior Web Developer

jegelstaff  18-Jul-2007 18:06  4111 reads   2 Comment(s) 
Freeform Solutions is looking for a Junior Web Developer to join our team.

If you are a XOOPS expert in Toronto or Ottawa, Canada, please check out our job posting here:

Deadline is August 3, 2007.

Freeform Solutions is a...
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