Chronolabs Presents Sexting version 1.2.8

wishcraft  29-Jul-2015 16:34  507 reads  0
--: Chronolabs Presents :--

Sexting version 1.2.8
XOOPS 2.5 Theme

Resized Image

This theme covers both the HTML older and HTML5 Social meta tags as well as addresses keyword SEO Scoring with some script too prevent keyword stuffing, that is having to many repeated keyword commonalities.

It also explores embedded PHP; this is to cover the outlay and correct minimal element html tagging standard for all THEMING!! Some to generate some beautiful gradients as well as being open and ready to use download today:-

Demo:- (Coming Soon)

Download:- xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.7z ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.rar ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.tar.bz2 ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.tar.gz ! ! xoops2.5_theme_v1.2.8_sexting.zoo
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Xoops Blog Theme (For Publisher)

heyula  05-Jun-2015 07:33  5803 reads  5

Newoni, a new free theme

vamptrix  06-Mar-2015 18:02  7390 reads  3
I'm thrilled to announce my first new XOOPS theme in a few years!
It's been a long while, but I hope this one is worth it ;).

I present to you... Newoni!
Resized Image

Newoni is built upon the wonderful xbootstrap which is a wonderful base template to use (if you are familiar with Bootstrap, which unfortunately I'm not :P).

The design itself has been heavily inspired by the current Neowin website.

* Responsive design
* Included image slider
* Modified login block template
* Modified search block template
* And many others.

My demo site is currently not yet ready, but once it is I'll post it in the comments below.

You can download Newoni for free on the Github repository:
If you prefer a direct download link, you can click here.

Please keep in mind that Newoni is being released as a work in progress. It's ready for usage on any website, but not all templates have been styled as much as I like them to be. I however couldn't wait to release it ;).

If you've got any questions about Newoni, feel free to ask me about them below, or mail me on
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Introducing a new Xoops Premium Theme [Commercial]

bitcero  27-Jan-2015 18:49  6143 reads  4
Resized Image
Demo | Landing Page Demo | Buy Now! I'm very glad to announce my newest Xoops premium theme: OnFocus. OnFocus[/b] is a commercial premium theme constructed over xThemes and Common Utilities achieving amazing results in its functionallity and appearance. OnFocus, as every theme created with xThemes, follow the philosophy "everything is a module", due this, the theme is integrated with MyWords and QuickPages.


Next is a non-extensive list of included features: - Fully responsive - Supports unlimited color combinations - A very flexibler slider posts in cover - Flexible featured posts area - 3 different basic styles for cover - Up to 12 different combinations for cover - 4 brand new blocks ready to use with the block manager - 3 different menus - Colors and backgrounds fully customizable - Supports fonts from Google FontsĀ® - 3 zones for blocks: central, right and footer - Fully configurable news ticker - Comprehensive configuration panel - Awesome landing page included - Supports Google Custom Search - Multilanguage support (included es, pt-BR, en and fr) - and more ... The theme includes docs in English and Spanish. Free support for topics directly related to theme (modules and Xoops are excluded) and free for life updates.


- Xoops (of course) - Common Utilities - MyWords - xThemes - QuickPages - AdvancedForms Plugin
Demo | Landing Page Demo | Buy Now!
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Smarty 3.1 is coming to next version of XOOPS

Mamba  14-Jan-2015 01:58  5988 reads  4
Resized Image

2015 is starting very well for XOOPS!

Thanks to our Core Team Leader, Richard (aka Geekwright), we will have finally Smarty 3.x in the next version of XOOPS!

Thank you Richard for your hard work on this!
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Ethernial: a new freemium theme for XOOPS

bitcero  24-Dec-2014 20:29  5431 reads  14

Introducing a new theme made by me: Ethernial

Ethernial theme

Ethernial is a modern and good looking theme designed using xThemes and Bootstrap. It is inspired on other theme by HTML5 UP.


  • A full featured configuration panel.
  • Automatically compiling of less files that build bootstrap and theme styles.
  • Customization of colors and images (general appearance).
  • Support of custom CSS code via configuration (forget to modify files directly to customize certain parts of theme).
  • Fully integration with MyWords, Professional Works and QuickPages
  • A totally new block for twitter feed (using the rmcommon blocks sytem).
  • You can choose between show blocks at left or right of theme.
  • Two blocks zones: sidebar and footer.
  • A lot of more things...


If you wish to use Ethernial, then some components are required:

  1. Common Utilities
  2. xThemes
  3. MyWords
  4. Professional Works
  5. QuickPages
  6. Advanced Forms
  7. and, of course, XOOPS

View Demo Descargar

View post in spanish

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XOOPS 2.5 Theme:-- Sexting Version 1.0.1

wishcraft  22-Dec-2014 22:26  532 reads  0
Resized Image

This theme has been designed for XOOPS 2.5 by the Chronolabs Cooperative and is open for use by the general public this video will show you around it:-


  • Changing Gradients
  • Global navigation
  • Right & Left Blocks
  • Center blocks
  • Radio from


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Inception 2.0: free premium theme for XOOPS

bitcero  09-Dec-2014 18:43  6642 reads  6
Resized Image

I am pleased to announce the availability of the new version of Inception, a theme for XOOPS with premium quality, but totally free.

A long time ago I published this theme for the first time at the site of XOOPS and became very popular almost immediately. Now after a long time, public order version 2.0, an update necessary and improving the overall quality of the item.

Theme Features

Inception take advantage of the possibilities offered by xThemes (though not all) to provide a highly customizable theme for multipurpose use. Among the main features of the theme are:

  • An innovative design with a stunning cover.
  • Control Panel to configure every detail of the theme as colors, fonts, sliders, content, footer, etc.
  • Integrated with MyWords.
  • Two customizable menus: top and main navigation.
  • Multilanguage Support and easily translatable using PoEdit.

Thanks to these features, and because it uses xThemes as base, with Inception you can create your own style, adapting the colors and fonts to your liking, and specifying the type of background you want. Actually, the limit is in you.


Inception requires the installation of certain components to function properly:

Remember that each module has its own requirements to function properly.

Download Inception 2.0 View Demo

Problems? Help?

If you find any error in the subject I invite you to report it to the repository of the topic, using the tool that provides GitHub for this purpose.

Via: Xoops Mexico

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xBootstrap 1.03 Final

AngeloRocha  16-Nov-2014 00:26  8685 reads  11

The new version 1.03 of of the xBootstrap theme is an update with a focus on compatibility with the NewBB module, in addition to other improvements that have been made.

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

- Support for NewBB module (Angelo Rocha)
- Update Bootstrap vertion to 3.3.1 (Angelo Rocha)
- Update PM and Profile extension template files (Angelo Rocha)
- Fix grid layout (Angelo Rocha)
- Other minors Adjustsments (Angelo Rocha)
- Added Masonry Cascading grid layout library - (Angelo Rocha)
- New News module grid (Angelo Rocha)
- Added grid function in js.js (Angelo Rocha)
- Fix bug in tdmdownloads, div unclosed (Angelo Rocha)
- Fix bug in tdmdownloads, modal description link ID (Angelo Rocha)
- Fix tdmdownloads index grid (Angelo Rocha)
- New extgallery grid system (Angelo Rocha)

Download here!

Demo: Click Here!

Source code on Github

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Theme Sd-099-Theme-Surprice - for free

sinnedesign  30-Aug-2014 10:01  5824 reads  0
Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Free Design Sd-099-Theme-Surprice. The Free XOOPS - Theme was made with friendly help from Easyname .

Resized Image

Here can you find the XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

Xoops 2.5 Demo

FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-099-Theme-Surprice

Here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Nice Weekend and happy XOOPsing!
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Updated! xBootstrap Theme v1.01 Final

AngeloRocha  11-Feb-2014 14:19  16419 reads  46
Resized Image

Hello folks!
I bring to you the xBootstrap theme v1.01 Final! This was a beautiful work of XOOPS UI/UX Team, thank you guys and avant XOOPS!!!





1.01 Final 2014-02-11
- Bootstrap Upgraded to 3.1.0 (Angelo Rocha)
- Add xoops.css to folder theme (removed reset) (Angelo Rocha)
- Many css ajusts (Angelo Rocha)

1.01 Beta 3 2014-01-29
- Add xoopstube templates (Heyula)
- Add news templates (Angelo Rocha)
- Fixed HTML5 in IE 8 (Angelo Rocha)
- Fixed Reponsive Layout IE 8 (Angelo Rocha)

-1.01 Beta 2 2014-01-18
- Add TDMDownloads template (Angelo Rocha)
- Add Publisher templates (Bleekk)
- Add XOOPS Faq template (Heyula)
- Add Obituairies template (Heyula)

1.01 Beta 1 2014
- changed/added pictures (mamba)
- added /docs folder (mamba)
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Extreme Theme

Resized Image

This theme was based on bleekk's framework but was from pulse ( ) by aph3x (Erol) it is responsive and been highly modified for the community.

It includes a cycling background as well as gradients and plenty of CSS3 like for the title which include shadows and stroking. The main body is a gradient which if you want to change you will have to look up "Ultimate Gradient Generator" on and change the CSS in /theme/extreme/css/style.css with the class tag to change which is .mainbody {}.

Cycling Background

This is designed to run on Apache with a .htaccess being included in /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/ which is for the php file background.php which will search all sub-folders in /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/ for suitable images and output them at scalar to 800x600 for the wall paper which is jQuery cycling and randomly changing method which is some additional code in the Java-script by wishcraft to have random background shifts.

Downloading & Unpacking

Download: - 5.3 MB

When you download the zip and unpack it, you will be presented with a folder called 'extreme' this simply drops into the /themes/ path of your XOOPS installation, remember too remove the sample backgrounds /theme/extreme/images/backgrounds/samples/ and replace the 'samples' sub-folder with as many sub-folder however deep with backgrounds and wall papers you want in the background of the module!
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Happy New Year XOOPS - xBootstrap 3 Theme

AngeloRocha  02-Jan-2014 16:29  7294 reads  17
Hello Folks!
I bring to you the first of many themes 2014, xBootstrap 3. The theme was developed using the bootstrap 3, html5 and css3.

This was a hard work, several modules have been customized, dropped tables and a new look applied.

Currently the modified modules are:
- News
- Extgallery
- Contact
- PM
- Profile
- Tag
- System (maintenance screen);

Over time I will add more modules in the theme, as always this is a basic theme for the development of other themes, but can be used without problems as was provided in personal and commercial projects.

Resized Image

Download Here:

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FREE Enzyme Theme for XOOPS

heyula  11-Oct-2013 12:20  9940 reads  8
Enzyme Theme For Xoops

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

These Modules:

Publisher + SmartPartner + Contact

In addition to the module at one publisher did the external blocks

Publisher scroller module is automatic.

Original Theme :

Demo :
Home Page :
Publisher Home Page :
SmartPartner Home Page :
Contact :

Download : ... s/singlefile.php?lid=1626

Thank you XOOPS!
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