Lykoszine-Block Collection

lykoszine  06-Apr-2002 08:53  3700 reads   No comments 
Lykoszine-Block Collection (Updated 06/04/02)

- Last x articles in a topic - small fix

- NEW BLOCK - display 1 random partner banner (to use instead of the block that displays all)

Get it from the download section or here

Bad words sql file available

nocjock  04-Apr-2002 15:07  5226 reads   No comments 
Just made available a 70+ word sql dump file of inappropriate English words. Search and replace the table prefix of xoops changing it to whatever your DB prefix is and then use PHPmyadmin to import the text file.

Top Members for Xoops is available

pascal  04-Apr-2002 12:06  3840 reads   No comments 
The module Top Members is now availble, it make a classify of you members...
The classify is make by points, when your members add :

Tag Board in a Custom HTML Block

dlh  02-Apr-2002 07:59  9138 reads   No comments 
Hey everybody. This is both a contribution and a request.

I am providing a link to download a slightly modified version of the Tag Board by Josh Sherman @


muple  29-Mar-2002 12:19  3305 reads   No comments 
A block with just 2 quick jump menu that helps to administrate your site...

Please read install.txt

see "Downloads"


inconnue_team  26-Mar-2002 20:51  3503 reads   No comments 
Petite adaptation qui permet d'obenir des informations sur un nom de domaine ou une adresse IP:
Au lieu d'utiliser manuellement différentes commandes d'unix ou de visiter de nombreux sites afin "d'étudier" leur serveur, saisissez le hostname ou IP et NQT vous donnera :
- Le DNS,
- WHOIS...

Alternative sections 1.4

Anonymous  26-Mar-2002 14:31  3524 reads   No comments 
Yup, updated the module once more :)

Moews Jap/Nippon Languages
Search support
Finalfilers group permissions idea
is now a normal module: doesn't hog xoops dbtables anymore
fixed some minor stuff
and a new web based install/upgrade script

You can grab it here.


inconnue_team  22-Mar-2002 21:42  3773 reads   No comments 
Envy(urge) for search(research) of ftp! But you has no software?? Tintin Inc. Dev. Xoops is there! Click here Inc.Ftp.Search You among what you looks for you taps entree and it is everything.

Xoops Filemanager module

Dr_goodman  21-Mar-2002 13:13  6340 reads   No comments 
An updated filemanager modul is now avalable for download.

This module has also English/Norwegian/japanese lang and help files.

As always, Please do not put it up at your own home page, but link it so it's possible to count.

Download here

Game-Query 1.0

Anonymous  21-Mar-2002 10:01  4320 reads   No comments 
Game-Query is a module which let's 3d shooter fans/clans list server information from their web sites.

All UT, Q3, HL based games/mods are supported.
Needs: fsocks() on server!

You can grab it here.
And see it here.

Simple Weather Addition "Hack"

jascha  19-Mar-2002 23:08  3932 reads   No comments 
To creat a local weather block all you need do is go HERE.
Modules make ExpoPhotos

Martialito  18-Mar-2002 09:17  3415 reads   No comments 
Hello, For fun i make a new simple gallery : ExpoPhotos See it on my site Here And download it in Download space ! Xoops is GREAT !!!

Inc_Save db

inconnue_team  17-Mar-2002 20:18  3301 reads   No comments 
Envy(urge) to make(do) a backup of your base but your host is slow!!
Not of prob with Inc.savedb!
A table or all the db, in data or structure no problemo amigo!

Inc.dmoz go for search

inconnue_team  15-Mar-2002 21:02  3589 reads   No comments 
Inc.dmoz est en downloads sur le site Inconnue team!

New version (2b) of the event calandar

pascal  15-Mar-2002 00:04  5037 reads   No comments 
The event calendar 2b is arrived, lot of modification and fixed bugs...
some news of this version:
- you can add events on days
- display events by days (listed by hours)
- display event in popup
- Possibility for authors (exepted anonymous) to modify or delete their events
- Possibility to moderate...
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