MyAnnonces has just left

pascal  22-May-2002 22:47  4517 reads  3
The first version of MyAnnonces has just left... a classified ads for Xoops RC2 it's relatively complete...:
- Addition of advertisements (members and anonymous)
- Moderation classifieds
- Moderation of the modifs of classifieds
- Addition of one photograph by classified
- Classification by categories
- automatic deletion of the classifieds after X days
- Block 2 functions: 1 classified randomly or 10 last classifieds
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MyLinks2 - Team Maximedia

Anonymous  22-May-2002 21:25  3598 reads  0
Pour ceux qui veulent installer 2x L'Annuaire de lien.
Nous avons simplement renommé l'original.
A installer comme un autre module avec son fichier .sql!
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Fix for visitor2 module

pascal  22-May-2002 20:31  4138 reads  0
Since the first version of Xoops, the modules visitor2 did not display the number of visitors in the annual stats, in the graphs and did not display the stats over the months records, this fix corrected some errors of mysql request...
During the replacement of these files, save your old files...

Note : the correct statistics will not be display immediately, visitor2 has a system of cache which brings up to date the data only the 1 or 2 hours...

This fixe is available in the download section = > Xoops 1.0 RC2 = > Fixes at Xoops Tests & Modules
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Listing icq

inconnue_team  20-May-2002 21:30  3814 reads  0
An adapt is in test on my site.
It is about a module allowing to have a list icq, inside one can found:
The uin if offline or online
The mail
The site if there is!
The city
The astrological sign and the small presentation of the registered and messenger's possiblité a message directly here if to possess him(it) to you! The module is extrèment bugué then I count on you for me brought back(reported) bugs!! Thank you in advance
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New Sections Functionality?

jstarkweather  19-May-2002 23:47  3552 reads  0
I recently finished my next-gen hack of the Sections module for my PostNuke site, I am posting this story to Xoops as I like the direction you guys are intending to go in, visa vie the incorporation of more modules as part of the Xoops core.
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FAQ2 -

Anonymous  19-May-2002 18:12  3455 reads  0
Pour ceux qui veulent installer 2 Foires Aux Questions !
Nous avons simplement renommé l'originale.
A installer comme un autre module !
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MSN Messenger Module 1.11 Italian

analisifunzionale  16-May-2002 23:25  5202 reads  0
Hi! I have translate the MSN MEssenger Module for Xoops in Italian. I complete to hardcode strings in language.php, also. You can download the .zip file in the Download section of in Languages section or from Download section of A gift to italian Microsoft fans!
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XOOPS Modules Site

sigrist  15-May-2002 17:41  3328 reads  0
If you are looking for a module, chances are we have it at the XOOPS Modules Site. Our collection grows by the minute.

No registration required to download, but please let me know of new modules!!!
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The Friend Finder Module Released

Neon  23-Apr-2002 20:32  5994 reads  0
The Friend Finder (Personal add system) is up and running, you can to log in and add your details and you can also upload your picture (max 200x150 pixels or 20kb).
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News for your Handy!

Society  18-Apr-2002 16:18  3371 reads  0
Now it is possible to give out your xoops news to wap based handy´s using people.

Download it at

Test use on
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MyHeadlines v4.0.3 Ported to Xoops

magar  12-Apr-2002 00:50  3479 reads  0
I have just completed a major upgrade to the MyHeadlines code base, and on a whim
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XoopsForge Website at SourceForge

Sircuri  10-Apr-2002 20:26  12200 reads  2
I've launched the XoopsForge Website at SourcForge. Please register as a user and create projects to test the functionalities of XoopsForge. Please provide me with all the feedback you can give so i can improve XoopsForge.
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The mailuser module is arrived,Only adapt Xoop RC2

Anonymous  10-Apr-2002 13:28  4882 reads  0
The mailuser module is arrived,Only adapt Xoop RC2
Now this module has Tchinese, Schinese, English language file.

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Lykoszine-Block Collection

lykoszine  06-Apr-2002 08:53  3642 reads  0
Lykoszine-Block Collection (Updated 06/04/02)

- Last x articles in a topic - small fix

- NEW BLOCK - display 1 random partner banner (to use instead of the block that displays all)

Get it from the download section or here
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Bad words sql file available

nocjock  04-Apr-2002 15:07  5162 reads  0
Just made available a 70+ word sql dump file of inappropriate English words. Search and replace the table prefix of xoops changing it to whatever your DB prefix is and then use PHPmyadmin to import the text file.
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