Xoops Global RSS Hack/Solution

kerkyra  15-Sep-2011 14:40  6581 reads  9
This is a modified version of backend.php, that offers one way of gathering rss feeds from every module that you'd like and displaying them.
Resized Image

All you have to do is replace the backend.php file with the one in the download package.

Add a file in the modules folder /incude/rss.inc.php

The function name must be modulename_rss()

There is an example of the calendar module and smartsection in the package as well.

It actually works like the search functionality works in xoops but you dont have to change or declare anything on xoops_version.php of each file.

I did that cause i didnt want to change any module core files for it to work.

I have also updated the system_rss.html template (you dont need to (for it to work) but it is included in case you prefer the new one)

If anyone else implements this please share the files for other modules too and send them to me so i can include them in the package.

Download from here
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Adding Facebook's Comments Box to XOOPS News Module

Mamba  16-Aug-2011 08:57  11850 reads  18
Bigwolf asked recently about where to add Facebook's Comment Box code in the News module. Here is a quick tutorial how to hack the News module to make it happen: 1) You need to create a Facebook Application for your XOOPS site, and fill out all the fields there: Resized Image Make sure that your URL ends with "/" 2) Once you properly fill out the form, and click on the "Create App" button, Facebook wants to make sure that you're a real person or a very smart bot: Resized Image 3) Once you pass the security check, you'll see your Settings Page with your Application ID and Application Secret: Resized Image 4) Now go to the Facebook Social Comments Website. Fill out the form with your data: your Website URL, number of default comments to be shown, and how wide should be the comment box, which will depend on your theme that you're using: Resized Image (Please note: you can change the settings later in your code) 5) Click on the "Get Code" button, and get your code: Resized Image //begin of correction 6) Go to the file news_article.html located in the /templates directory in your News module, and place your code close to the end of the file, right before:
<div class="pad2 marg2">
and replace the "mysite.com" URL with Smarty:
Resized Image This will give you a backlink to the current article //end of correction 7) Save it, make sure that in your Admin Preferences (General Settings) the "Check templates for modifications ?" is set to "Yes", and check out your News - you should see a Facebook Comments Box under your article: Resized Image That should do it. Have fun Xoopsing ------------------------------------------ [EDIT] Aberdeenman posted another interesting hack dealing with Social Media: https://xoops.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=6236
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Individual URL optimization for every page

pw-kw  24-Jun-2011 13:21  350 reads  0
My goal was to optimize the URL line individually for each page:

- regardless of modules
- regardless of file structures
- free text for your URL (SEO)
- individual for every page
- everything ends with .html or what ever you want



should be to

http://www.fanggebiete.de/angelgewaes ... rte/angeln-in-bayern.html

Another example:


should be to


If you want, you can see these two examples on the Internet …

For this solution, there is a file, where you can define the URL-list, like this:

/angelgewaesser/bayernkarte/angeln-in-bayern.html => /modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=1

/angelseen/bayern/angeln-am-ammersee.html => /modules/news/article.php?storyid=14

After that, you have defined the URL-list, the list is automatically transmitted in the .htaccess-file

You see – very simple …

There is one main file hack to do. A few lines of code to insert. Create Custom URL list. Done. I've tested this with 2.2.5 and XOOPS XOOPS 2.5. Runs well.

I test everything through, and make the hack available for all XOOPS users. Maybe someone has the interest to cooperate. A module creation of this hack with backend administration would be a good next step.
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Core Maintenance Buttons: SelectBox All None

timgno  02-Jun-2011 09:08  4462 reads  1
After several times I've backed up, maintenance of cash or one of the tables, I realized that it took so long to select all the options one by one. I said to myself: "Why not create two buttons for selecting and deselecting the total options?", In this VIDEO providing perfect functionality.


TXMod Xoops
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Share and Bookmark your News in Facebook

ipwgc  01-Mar-2011 23:31  5290 reads  3
Hi, this is my little contribution in order to share or Bookmark your News in facebook.
1. You need the module news version 1.63
2. Add the 3 files below on the news module

3. Download the 3 files from my site here
Download from here

4. I tested the bookmark icon in Spanish and English, and it working ok

5. You can see the lither facebook icon in English
see facebook icon click here

6. You can see the lither facebook icon here in Spanish
See the facebook icon in Spanish here

David Yanez
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CKEditor 3.5.1 - Now Supporting JQuery!!

wishcraft  04-Feb-2011 05:12  5992 reads  5
CKEditor 3.5.1
Supports JQuery & Ajax

This is CKEditor for XOOPS 2.5 & and upgrade for 2.4, in the orginal release the jquery adapter was never implemented which meant it was not possible to use JSON or AJAX to retrieve or set the value of the editor with Javascript.

This is CKEditor 3.5.1 with JQuery Support, You can read here for more information on this.

Simply replace the files in your existing 2.4 series or upload to XOOPS 2.5 and you should have CKEditor 3.5.1 running all fine.

This was developed for formuss who could never find a way of using JQuery with the editor, I would like to congradulate him on his new bubba!!

Download: here - 743Kbs
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Ajax File Uploading 1.01 - Form Object

wishcraft  04-Feb-2011 04:44  5679 reads  2
Ajax File Uploading 1.01
Form Object for XOOPS 2.4 & XOOPS 2.5

This is a replace for the XoopsFile object that allows for files to be uploaded without refreshing the page. That means you can recieve a file before the form is submitted.

This is good for any preview environment that offers a wide range of options for the environment where you are recieving the file.

If a file is successfully uploaded the form object returns a path and filename for the file.

This was made from this example: http://www.phpletter.com/Our-Projects/AjaxFileUpload/

Download: xoops2.5_ajaxfileupload_1.01.zip - 17.7Kb
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News Headlines Hack

heyula  01-Feb-2011 12:32  4446 reads  5
Resized Image

For news headlines hack...

Add the php code to mark it as private as a block


image for the path



Team Xoops-Tr


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TDMpicture 1.5 Xoops-Tr.Com Hack Edition

hacamat  23-Oct-2010 12:26  4318 reads  1
Hi All;

This TDMpicture 1.5 fixed hacamat and bandit-x.
Thanks for help Bandit-x.

Download Link HERE

1- category deleted and not delete pictures tables--- fixed
2- some link errors --fixed

Module tested.

good lock (I cant speak english sory :) )

you can edit TDMpicture/templates/blocks/tdmpicture_minitable.html for Slideshow Width and height below codes.

<script type="text/javascript">
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Manage Error Page

timgno  04-Oct-2010 14:46  4740 reads  6
I created a special file to be included in xoops root of the error handling page.

The News
The Tutorial
The Download files


Error 400
Error 401
Error 403
Error 404
Error 500

Customizable to your liking.

TXMod Xoops
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Displayname hack

ARKGM  04-Oct-2010 14:02  3840 reads  3

there are some webmasters still using XOOPS 2.2 even though XOOPS 2.4.5 has been released. And this is because of something that is only in XOOPS 2.2: Displayname.

So I've created this hack which will let you add Displayname to your website.

This hack support english and persian languages and was tested on XOOPS 2.4.

Here is a direct download link from the Persian XOOPS support site.

Just extract it into the Root of your XOOPS Installation and go to this address :

After updating your profile module you'll have a Displayname in your site.

I hope this will help.

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hello Xoopsers,
to add an attractive look to your Xoops website, it's necessary sometimes to make many hacks to some blocks, especially pictures one.
In this participation , I will let you know how to add autoscrolling jCarousel to the random horizontal block of extgallery module.

I took the effect from this website :
and I choose the Carousel with autoscrolling.
this is an example of the effect merged with the block
look the scrolling picutres just above the footer
Resized Image

1- you can download the hack , ready to use with your theme Xoops (without making any changes to the module) from this link

2- Unzip the package and copy the content to your current theme (images, js, modules, skin.css)

3- Edit your theme.html, and in the css area , add this line :
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" title="Style sheet" href="<{xoImgUrl skin.css}>" />

4- also in your theme,under :
<!-- customized header contents -->
and before: </head>
add these lines :
<script src="<{xoImgUrl js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js}>" type="text/javascript"></script>
script src="<{xoImgUrl js/jquery.jcarousel.min.js}>" type="text/javascript"></script>
script type="text/javascript">

// Disable autoscrolling if the user clicks the prev or next button.
carousel.buttonNext.bind('click', function() {

carousel.buttonPrev.bind('click', function() {

// Pause autoscrolling if the user moves with the cursor over the clip.
carousel.clip.hover(function() {
    }, function() {

jQuery(document).ready(function() {


that's all !
now you can activate the block random pictures from your admin panel (extgallery_block_random.html)
and change the size from the skin.css, if you want.

n.b you can also choose block any where, founded by trabis to use the block wherever you want.

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Xoops reCaptcha class v1.00 beta

Catzwolf  25-Jul-2010 05:00  5670 reads  17
What is Xoops reCaptcha?

Xoops reCaptcha is class that will allow users to add and use reCaptcha widget to prevent spam being posted on their website.

This class can be used in conjunction with the Xoops Captcha or it can replace it all together, with just few lines of code.

While this class can be utilized by anyone, it is aim more at Xoops developers wishing to add reCaptcha to their code.

The class is cleanly written and has developer comments to help aid you in it's usage and there is also documentation within the package that will explain how to add the required calls to make it work.

For its usage, you will be required to create a private and public key and these can be entered one of two ways (Again, this is explained in the documentation).

Xoops reCaptcha, can be used in two ways, either within XoopsFormclass or statically through its own API and methods.

There are examples of its usage within the documentation.

Xoops reCaptcha v1.00 is beta and should not be considered ready for a production website, but used to help with further development.

While I have tried to make this as easy to use as possible, it is not for total beginners. If you require help with this class, I am sure people at the Xoops forum will only be to glad to help out.

You can download this class from the following:
Xoops reCaptcha v1.00

Please submit bugs and features here:
bugs and feature requests
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xoCode: Latest Tweet

Dylian  06-Jul-2010 20:58  5045 reads  6
This xoCode extension allows you to show the latest tweet of a twitter user.

How to install this xoCode extension?
1. Download [THIS] archive.
2. Extract it to a local folder.
3. Upload the contents of the "htdocs" folder to your XOOPS root directory.

- You can change the styling of the Latest Tweet div in the htdocs/class/textsanitizer/lt/lt.css file.
- If you have installed other extensions like the "Acronym" one please read the "MANUAL INSTALLATION" section below.

How to use this xoCode extension?
You can place the [lt]twitter-username[/lt] tag in any xoCode enabled field (like the signature field of your profile). If you place [lt]XOOPS_forums[/lt] in a xoCode enabled textfield this would display the latest tweet of the twitter user "XOOPS_forums".

You can see a demonstration of this extension [HERE] (At the signature/"handtekening" section).

1. Download [THIS] archive.
2. Extract it to a local folder.
3. Replace /htdocs/class/textsanitizer/config.php with the copy from you server.
4. Open the just replaced file and replace this code (line 27):
"iframe" => 0,
With this code:
"lt" => 1,
"iframe" => 0,

5. Upload the contents of the "htdocs" folder to your XOOPS root directory.

I hope you all like this extension, I know I do .
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Add "Yahoo Video" in module MyTube

kris_fr  25-Jun-2010 21:07  7194 reads  6
Changes to achieve :

/***** language/yourlanguage/main.php *****/
add line 211
define'_MD_XTUBE_YAHOO''Yahoo' );

and add line 61
(voir le code embed)</small>
color=#FF0000>d32d2b94</font>/ (see embed code)</small><br />

/***** language/yourlanguage/admin.php *****/ add line 506
define'_AM_XTUBE_YAHOO''Yahoo' );

add line 255
(see embed code)</small>

color=#FF0000>d32d2b94</font>/ (see embed code)<br />

/***** admin/index.php *****/
change and add line 125

/***** include/video.php *****/
add under line 67
case 110:
$returnsource _AM_XTUBE_YAHOO;

add under line 126
case 110:

add under line 179
case 110:

add under line 314
// yahoo
case 110:
$showvideo '<object width="512" height="322"><param name="movie" 
/><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="AllowScriptAccess" VALUE="always" /><param name="bgcolor" 
value="#000000" /><param name="flashVars" value="' 
$vidid '" 
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="512" height="322" 
allowFullScreen="true" AllowScriptAccess="always" bgcolor="#000000" 
$vidid '" ></embed></object>';

See videos (in french - sorry ) on Xoofoo - TV Channel
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