Arabic Support

meme  19-Jun-2003 05:20  3390 reads  0
Fuga 4 Help run Xoops2 now its upgraded from xoops 1.3.8
Fuga 4 Help now support xoops version 1.3.8 ( arabic version only ) you can download the arabic hacked version from this link

btw you can not upgrade this arabic version because its a modify version

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A new text input method

bbchen  25-May-2003 15:34  8449 reads  23
The first hack below is posted by slob realizing the feature that you can add bbcode wherever you click the mouse.
The second is made by me. When you select some text and then click the bbcode button, bbcode [XXX]and [/xxx] will be automatically added before and after the text selected respectively. Also you can add color text or bold text format by the mothod. All you have to do is: selcted the text you want to add format, click the bold ,italic button, or color, and then click add text button.
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Who is passed v1.2

inconnue_team  21-May-2003 12:03  3901 reads  6
New version of whois passed??
look here ==>
And download on my site
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Forum Hack - Private Forum Behaviors Release 2.0.2

regen_r8  26-Apr-2003 14:07  13683 reads  13

I have re-worked my private forum hack again for Xoops 2.0.2.

Here are the behaviors:
1) Assign rights to private forums by user groups
2) Allow searches, views, to display private forum posts for those who have rights only.
3) Optional block configuration to display private forum posts and include poster information.

You can Download Here!

Please report bugs on The Regenerate Web forums.

Instructions are in a file called hack.html - I hope that some of you find this useful.

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Forum hack - private forum behavior

regen_r8  23-Apr-2003 02:59  12612 reads  12

I have re-worked my private forum hack for Xoops 2.0. Since mike [mvandam] has the notifications in the core, there is no need for a monitoring hack so this one only contains the alterations to private forum behaviors.
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Bug Squish: The "Length of the title" options of ...

kanaka  17-Apr-2003 04:04  3599 reads  0
-= From XOOPS Simplified Chinese Support Site, www.hiweed.com, by Hiweed =-

The bug is, If you set the XOOPS_USE_MULTIBYTES to 1 in the /language/yourlanguage/global.php, then, the "Length of the title" of "Recent Downloads" block, quit work.

Hint: The "Length of the title" of "Recent Downloads" block, can be modified in the [Blocks Administration] »» [Edit a block].

How to fix it:
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kain  07-Apr-2003 09:49  4658 reads  4
here we go, see the srpg hack right here

it will display some rpg stats in forum and in user's profile.

download here

tested with xoops' 1.3.9 newbb, taken from an idea from koudanshi.net and original hack for invision by theprankst3r, credits to those.
enjoy this release and read the readme.txt included.

kuht.it wizard
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Forum Hack Complete

regen_r8  14-Mar-2003 06:59  4330 reads  2

I have finished a forum hack supporting the following:

adds 4 optional behaviors and a preferences page to configure options...
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groupsaccess.php for xoops2.0

lizhch  11-Mar-2003 01:59  5885 reads  1
Groupsaccess.php for xoops 2.0 crack by wenmingpig(china), http://www.edu18.com mail:y2000@yeah.net

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News Expire Date for Xoops 1.3.8

jorgen  05-Mar-2003 14:50  3981 reads  4
Update of Herko's old RC-3.0.5 news expire hack for 1.3.8.

- Fixed navigation problem with next page if you have many expired articles.

- Herko added a new storyform.inc.php in admin so now it fills in the current date and time if a post has no dates set, and if it has them set, it shows the set dates (as in Xoops2). Thanks!
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Who passed?

inconnue_team  17-Feb-2003 13:42  3334 reads  3
I modified the whoisonline a little so that it posts the members passed on the site bus with the v2,il was not there; -) and in downloads on my site

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Bookmark hack for NewBB !

king76  08-Feb-2003 17:30  3992 reads  3

I have finished a hack for NEWBB : Add to bookmark a post !
You can see demo on Xoops-Factory(you must register !) for Xoops V2 and
soon in demonstration on Xoops-quebec.com (xoops 1.3.8).
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News Little Hack 2

xoopsonline  17-Nov-2002 11:33  3448 reads  0
Today just 1 hack

News Little Hack 2
-> Now Topics appear in Top Articles and New Articles

you can view and download those hacks now at XoopsOnLine.com,
and also soon at Xoops.org
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MyLinks Little Hack & MyDownloads Little Hack

xoopsonline  15-Nov-2002 09:35  4004 reads  2
Because 2 hacks are better than 1

MyLinks Little Hack
-> Now Categories appear in Top Links and New Links

MyDownloads Little Hack
-> Now Catogories appear in Top Downloads and New Downloads
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Hack wfsection top article on fly

Narga  13-Nov-2002 14:42  4785 reads  0
I have been hack into the Top article of wfsection to make this display all item scroll up.
Demo here
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