New GOLD logo Modules

w4z004  17-Feb-2002 02:05  3808 reads  0
I'm finished the creation of a new pack: GOLD logo modules is posible see this HERE
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New "Sub Atomica" Theme Released - Exclusive to ...

Doops  14-Feb-2002 19:56  4091 reads  0
Welcome to the world of "Sub-Atomica"... Hot on the heels of the success of the XAqua theme I made, which has already notched up over 100 downloads in 2 days, comes a new theme for Xoops: "Sub-Atomica Variation 1".
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All New Aqua Theme for Xoops (xaqua v1.0)

Doops  12-Feb-2002 14:03  5705 reads  0
By Request I have ported from PHPNuke the AQUA 3.0 theme by HangOn.

I have tried to move away a little from the design and improve it. This is the first generation and I am open to suggestions for improving it.
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Very nice looking newspaper theme

Boobtoob  10-Feb-2002 01:14  6454 reads  0
If anyone is looking for a great looking theme to convert, may I suggest This guy has done a bang up job on a theme that looks a lot like a newpaper theme.

Anyone up for the challenge? It would make a great addition to XOOPS!
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Alternate version of fungku theme...

alflabs  09-Feb-2002 04:15  3876 reads  0
Well, I got bored one day, erg, today, and modified the fungku theme (original by, and ported to XOOPS by and, thanks guys!!)
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2 new themes

Dr_goodman  07-Feb-2002 20:16  3889 reads  0
2 new themes for Xoops.
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43 Themes for Xoops RC2

w4z004  06-Feb-2002 21:33  5135 reads  0
Are added 43 themes for use with XooPS RC 2.0

Can download HERE
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New Themes

Dr_goodman  05-Feb-2002 18:35  3789 reads  0
There is 43 themes to download and all is modefied for RC2.
Does this sound tempting?
You can pick them up here

Most of themes are by Xend and, please don't put them up for download on your site. It makes it imposible to count the number downloaded. Instead put up a link in your DL page that points to the theme.

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RadicalX Theme for XOOPS

chapi  24-Jan-2002 10:13  3726 reads  0
Hello XOOPers,

I converted the Postnuke Radical Theme from to XOOPS. Its available for download at
Have Phun

Tobi @
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CCANSW Theme available for download

finalfiler  22-Jan-2002 01:48  4041 reads  0
This is my first attempt at a theme for XOOPS. The theme is based on the Frontpage theme used at - I am the webmaster there and am currently preparing to move that site XOOPS as well.
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Cirrus Theme for xoops 1.0 RC1.

naicao  08-Jan-2002 06:24  3864 reads  1
Cirrus Theme for xoops 1.0 RC1. My frist Xoops Theme. Maybe have some bugs.
Download here. ... le=index&req=getit&lid=13

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New XOOPS Theme!

onokazu  04-Jan-2002 20:16  4581 reads  0
As you all might have already noticed, we've changed the default theme to a new theme, the "mikan" theme, by our theme designer Xend.

We currently do not have a plan to release this theme to the public, and will be using this theme for a while on our official XOOPS sites only.
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partner Sites and Logos

w4z004  31-Dec-2001 18:42  5091 reads  0

More minibanners!

w4z004  29-Dec-2001 15:45  5472 reads  0
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