If you looking for Themes !!!

farsus  11-Aug-2002 14:21  5371 reads  0
If you looking around to find themes whe just wanna let you now,
that XooPS Danmark has more than 100 Themes!.
Ready for you all verifyied and check to run perfect whit RC3.

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Themecentral releases V-Autumn Theme!

chapi  06-Aug-2002 12:36  4477 reads  0
TC coremember brumie ( offers a real cool theme, called V-Autumn, to the TC community for free!
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New free theme from italy

Sperotto  05-Jul-2002 12:42  4805 reads  0
Hello boys after 6b6free, together to Angelica Rosa we have created the 6b6angelica Theme because we love the surprise and we are sure that the thing interests to you, will be enough to you to approach our section download:

See you

Alessandro Sperotto
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mblocSputnik Theme for RC2

chapi  19-May-2002 16:06  3679 reads  0
I converted the great postnuke mblocSputnik theme from Jai ( to XOOPS RC2. You will find the updated version in the Themecentral Exclusive Section. Orginal and updated Photoshop images for easy customizing included.

If you have a theme for XOOPS and want to share it with the community so go to and upload your theme.
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Xoops Themedesigners wanted!

chapi  14-May-2002 12:53  3383 reads  0
Do you have good skills in Xoops themedesign and are HTML and PHP your best friends? Then you should read on.

The Crew is searching for Xoops themedesigners who like to join our team and help us to support the Xoops CMS.

There are many things you can do for Xoops at TC like building and converting new themes, moderate the boards, write tutorials and post news about xoops theme releated topics.

So if you are interrested pls contact us. We are looking forward to see YOU joining our team!
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Themes official opening!

chapi  05-May-2002 20:42  5557 reads  0
After a couple of months and hard work, the new community website for phpnuke, postnuke and xoops themedesigners has opened the doors to the public.

We will offer a central place to share and up/downlod themes for these three main cms systems, give you some hints within our tutorials and answer your theme releated questions in our boards. You will also find some exclusive and high quality themes done by the TC-Coreteam.

Read on to find out some interresting news about and it's members.
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When you surf on a web site, graphics are downloaded at about 4kb/sec from a distant server, then they are displayed. I thought that we could, due to the structure of Xoops that allows theme change, create a theme who would "download" graphics , not from the server but from the hard disk ! So here is this hack that add a field in your profile. You will have to fill this field with the path of the folder where you saved the graphics on your HD. Then you choose the local version of your favorite theme and it's done ! To test it, go on my site (empty because it is not yet launched :) ), : - Register - Download the graphics pack here- Unzip it where you want, let us say c:/graphics - Edit your profile and, in the "local theme" fiel, give the graphics path, in our example : c:/graphics, then choose the theme that begins by local_ Now the theme graphics are downloaded from your hard disk... Zorg (Xoops France user)
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HQ_Flash - New Flash Theme ready for download

webdesignhq  27-Mar-2002 00:54  17444 reads  0
We have just released a newer version of the HQ_Flash Theme for Xoops that has 8 flash buttons in the top menu defined in theme.php so you can customize the links/button titles.

Preview and download : HERE
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New banners Module

w4z004  18-Mar-2002 03:37  6014 reads  0
I'm modularize the phpadsnew.
Is a professional banner system and only for the people that need professional banners.

HERE the download .
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Another theme from

alflabs  27-Feb-2002 14:09  3408 reads  0
I have made another variation of my FungKu-Orange theme, its fungku-blue! Check the downloads section here, or click HERE.
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Fungku-Orange Theme Re-Released

alflabs  25-Feb-2002 19:56  4343 reads  0
Origionally created by pixel meyhem, I modified the fungku theme for xoops, which was a lime green to be an orange color.
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Xoops is GRAY-T

Doops  20-Feb-2002 00:33  3499 reads  0
"Grayscale" is the fourth theme released by Doops this week.... looks like someone has been busy in the workshop!!! Lets hope his clients are impressed!!!
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Linearblu Themes Released Exclusive to Xoops

Doops  19-Feb-2002 01:51  3766 reads  0
In a follow up to my two existing and popular themes comes "Linearblu".

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New AQUA logo Modules

w4z004  17-Feb-2002 20:34  4203 reads  0
I'm finished the creation of a new pack: AQUA logo modules is posible see this HERE
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New SILVER logo Modules

w4z004  17-Feb-2002 20:33  3583 reads  0
I'm finished the creation of a new pack: SILVER logo modules is posible see this HERE
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