XOOPS 2 Theme Mini-How-To

Boobtoob  25-Feb-2003 22:30  16489 reads  9
It seems as though some steam is picking up on the theme front so, I’ll post what I learned while creating my theme for One of the first pre-requisites that you need to have is a basic understanding HTML (preferably 4.01 transitional) and CSS.

Another key here is to understand that not all browsers support all these standards so, test your theme with as many browsers as possible. If you don’t have a Mac, ask someone who does to check it out and get back with you so that you have a majority of platforms covered.
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Converting your XOOPS1.x theme to work with XOOPS2

onokazu  07-Feb-2003 07:12  5114 reads  2
Old themes will work fine in XOOPS2, however some parts (for example, tables and forms) do not look very good as they were in XOOPS1.x. This is because we have removed the .bg1-5 and .fg1-5 classes from CSS and now using the following CSS classse as replacements:


Please read this doc on how these new CSS classes are defined and used in XOOPS2.
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x2 theme for xoops 2.0 totally upgraded!

w4z004  21-Jan-2003 14:23  6446 reads  15
Later of work a ton , and with the colaboration of aitor and a little of clean up of eric, the new X2 Theme are enhanced.

well, [HERE] can download the x2t theme

[ HERE ] can see the x2t theme working. (not added the double columns.

the instalation is really simple :

1 - Unzip in a local hard disk.
2 - Be sure that the xoops 2.0 have all the modules installed.
3 - Go to the theme manager and browse the theme ( x2t[xx-xx-2003].tar.gz )in you local hdd, proceed.
4 - into preferences change the theme to x2t theme.
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Bluettania theme for XOOPS

kesigomu  12-Jan-2003 11:15  4619 reads  4
Hello friends!

I porting from PHP-Nuke Brittania theme by Somara design for XOOPS.

Screenshot for Bluettania: Bluettania theme

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EADJ Theme v2.6 is done

ric  05-Jan-2003 11:21  3432 reads  0
New EADJ Theme 2.6-lite is done..please

Demo Here
Download Here

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EADJ Theme 2003-lite Released

ric  25-Dec-2002 23:18  4483 reads  0
Dear Xoops fans,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

EADJ Theme 2003-lite is done..please V.S
Demo Here
Download Here

This is a little bit of Chinese New Year style and you can change the view by your mind..

As commend that the EADJ Theme En-site will be host on SourceForge A.S.A.P..and,well..for the monent you can see the EADJ Themes screenshots on
Theme Gallery and for download Here

Once again Merry Christmas.
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EADJ Theme v2.5-lite released

ric  12-Dec-2002 06:57  3677 reads  0
New EADJ Theme v2.5-lite ready for download,(for Xoops 1.3.x or even test on Xoops CVS)...

Download Here
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new post icons

Eddo  27-Nov-2002 20:26  9062 reads  9
I have created my own post icons based off the vB look for xoops BB. They are on a transparet background.

You can see what they look like below.
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NEW - Xmas Theme from Dezina

dezina  24-Nov-2002 10:44  5147 reads  0
"Dezina_XKrismus" for Xoops RC3....
for viewing/download if required,
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Baldo Theme for Xoops Rc 3.05

Narga  13-Nov-2002 12:53  3768 reads  0
I design this them for VENO NETWORK ( The Big site of Vietnamese Gamer). You can view this theme work after login by account below:
Click here for demo
Nick: veno
Password: veno
Have fun !
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EADJ Theme v2.3 Released

ric  13-Nov-2002 11:47  3700 reads  0
New EADJ Theme v2.3 is ready for download,(for Xoops rc305/304 or even test on Xoops CVS)...

Download Here
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Theme UT

MadSnake  07-Nov-2002 18:39  4577 reads  0
Resized Image This theme is ready to be to use just as it is or with being to adapt to your favorite CMS.
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New Version Themes by Kamikaze-Buddhist.Net

WangMin  04-Nov-2002 22:37  4232 reads  0
No image files, Simple and Light Themes. Winter Red, Green and Gray. 8 Languages Files included. Hope You Enjoy and Please Change Color. Old 3 Themes, 8 Languages Files Added. Downloads and Views, Please visit HERE
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Dark Xoops Theme from Dezina

dezina  01-Nov-2002 16:25  3863 reads  0
As promised, our 3rd XOOPS Theme is a dark one... Dezina XTango released today. View/Download, if required , HERE
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Our 2nd Theme for Xoops at

dezina  29-Oct-2002 17:34  3596 reads  0
As promised, our second new theme for Xoops RC3 ...
Dezina_Xray - view/download at Dezina Skins and Themes
Next theme, after many requests, will be a dark one!!
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