XoopsFAQ to WF-FAQ upgrade

Anonymous  22-Mar-2004 05:47  4369 reads  5
Ok did a quick dirty table conversion hack for XoopsFAQ to WF-FAQ v1.0.5.

You can download this from:
Download from here

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Spaw Extra Pack released

ralf57  21-Mar-2004 15:32  5699 reads  7
Hi xoopers,
i'm pleased to release my pack/patch which adds some features to Spaw module.
In details i've:

- added new theme (classic)
- added new toolbar (article) that can be resized to 470px, if needed
- removed almost all hardcoded words and sentences,replaced by
additional lang constants
- added italian language
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Regsistration Check

Society  09-Mar-2004 11:43  4340 reads  4
Another Hack from Blitzengineers:

If a want to registrate, you need to write the text of a random generated image in the register form. with this no scripts can add users automaticle.

see it in action:

I will release it when i have time!
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XOOPS Multilanguage Version 1.1

marcan  03-Mar-2004 14:38  4686 reads  22
The XOOPS Multilanguage hack of hsalazar has been improved again !

- It now supports XOOPS version 2.0.6
- Different new hacks have been added to support more translated elements of XOOPS
- The comment titles are now translated.
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ShortURLs 0.3 just released!

reynaldo  28-Feb-2004 05:55  5297 reads  5
After taking a deep look at some modules out there, I decided to write ShortUrls from scratch and slightly change the way it works.

I added 'dynamic' support for other modules so you don't have to wait for me to release a version of the hack supporting your favorite module. This have a lot of advantages but may also have a few drawbacks I may be unware of.
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URL Rewriting Mod for Xoops

kenogui  17-Feb-2004 20:58  19599 reads  17
Inspired by the famous Google Tap mod for phpNuke, I've just finished to implement a ModRewrite for URL rewriting in xoops.

This mod rewrites most important URLs into search engine-friendly URLs, removing query strings which are sources of problems. These rewritten URLs allow bots to crawl your website.
Due to high bandwith consumption with Google Tap and phpNuke (this mod works so well that google bot sometimes crawl 100.000 pages per month !),
I wrote a script which protects your bandwidth by forbidding bot crawling on URLs without your "WWW" subdomain, which is the main source of consumption (However, you may not use this script if you want).
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Internet Explorer 5.X CSS Hack For Xoops 2.0.6

brash  07-Feb-2004 04:24  7036 reads  0
This is an updated version of my Internet Explorer 5.X CSS functions.php hack from version, and is for use with Xoops version 2.0.6. What this modified functions.php file does is separate pre Internet Explorer 6 browsers from the post Internet Explorer 6 browsers. When a visitor with pre Internet Explorer 6 browser connects they are directed to a CSS file called style_ie5.css, whereas visitors with post Internet Explorer 6 browsers are directed to the standard style.css file. What this means is that you no longer have to make exceptions in you style.css file anymore to get you page looking atleast viewable in both of these major version of Internet Explorer.

To apply this modified functions.php file, download it and place it in your includes folder after renaming the exisiting functions.php file for recovery purposes. From here you'll have to create an extra CSS file in for your theme called style_ie5.css and optimize it for Internet Explorer 5.X usage. I don't forsee any problems with using this, and am using it on one of my own sites at www.brashquido.org without any problems.

Download & Support From:

>>>IT Headquarters <<<

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XOOPS Multi Sites

ldapguru  21-Jan-2004 22:03  10715 reads  35
Here's a way in which you can run multiple xoops instances with 1 simple XOOPS install.

This would be benefitial for those running XOOPS hosting servers. (saves diskspace and you could control caching independently for each XOOPS instance)

Here's a Step by Step procedure to do it.
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Xoops with STICKY URL's

ldapguru  31-Dec-2003 02:22  6614 reads  10
Hi I always wanted to be able to have several URL's being served with varied content from the same backend xoops engine. I have a method that could be implemented very easily such that content served from the same backend xoops engine can be represented using URL's that stick.
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Wysiwyg Patch for News module available

chapi  25-Nov-2003 09:04  8740 reads  24
Are you tired of using the internal Xoops Editor? Than its time to apply this patch to your news module. It will integrate the Spaw Wysiwyg Editor (needs IE 5.5) in your news module. You can download it in the download section here at xoops.org!

Configuration Settings
- Wysiwyg Editor can be activated for Admin
- Wysiwyg Editor can be activated for User submit
- You can deactivate the linebreak conversion to avoid white space in front of the html code
- Xoops Editor will automatically be displayed, if a user doesn't have IE 5.5

Install Instructions
- If the news module isn't installed yet, install it through the modules administration firstly.
- Overwrite the news module files included in Xoops 2.0.5 with the files in the package
- After that update the news module

This patch doesn't make any changes to the database! Only one class file has changed, in order to display the wysiwyg content correctly.
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Hack for wfsection

hrac  30-Oct-2003 09:24  5399 reads  2
I've written a hack for wfsection to enable ordinary users to use WYSIWYG editor instead of basic HTML editor. Originally only wfsection admin can use WYSIWYG editor. Also ordinary users can see and edit their pages inside an article list page.

There are some known bugs in this hack:
Documents that uploaded with wfsection, cannot be removed or edited with this hack as ordinary user. But can be edited or deleted with admin as usual. This bug need to be fixed. I'm waiting help to fix this bug.

You can download this hack with this link
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xoopspoll hack

wellwine  23-Oct-2003 23:29  7874 reads  12
A tiny hack of xoopspoll is now downloadable at wellwine online.

Added features are just:
- Show description of poll in vote and result screen.
- Allows to view vote log in admin menu.
- Allows to show result in block if expired or once voted
- Layout of vote screen slightly changed.

Hoping you like it
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Multi-Language Hack

Haruka  20-Jul-2003 02:04  6905 reads  7
We have released Multi-Language Hack for XOOPS2.x
with which PetitOOps uses 'Language select'.

See WF-Section of 'PetitOOps --Module--'.
>>> Here!

Please use and tell us opinions and reports!

PetitOOps --Module--
PetitOOps --Theme--

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Headlines Module for DBCS Language Xoops Sites Hack ...

wjue  21-Jun-2003 23:07  4674 reads  0
The original Xoops Headlines Module requires PHP's mb_string extension for encoding and decoding DBCS characters to and from utf8, but unfortunately PHP 4.xx version of mb_string extension does not support such conversion other than japanese encoding ! So no RSS news feeds are possible in Chinese Xoops sites.

This hack will make Headlines Module for big5 and gb2312 encoding Xoops sites working again!

If other DBCS language users are interested by this hack, please make your request on my website http://www.guanxiCRM.com, I will try to integrate your language in next releases.

and also: please make comments and suggestions on www.guanxicrm.com only.

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