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Posted by: XoopsCouncilOn 2011/9/2 18:40:00 6047 reads
Following DJ's (aka phppp) and Kris' resignation from XOOPS Council, the remaining Council members have agreed that the available seats should be reassigned as soon as possible.

As you may know, the Council is responsible for overall management and direction of the XOOPS Project. The XOOPS activities are divided in several teams, and the Team Coordinators/Leaders are then members of the XOOPS Council.

Due to Core and Design Teams fragmentation and lack of coordination, the XOOPS Council decided to designate temporary leaders who will be assuming the responsibility of recruiting and reuniting members for these teams. It is the XOOPS Council's wish to have each team electing their own leaders in January of 2012.

As of now, after being invited and kindly agreeing to assist us, the new Council members are:

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- Core Team: Nicolas Andricq (ForMuss) from France - 2010 Innovator of the Year, who was the Development Leader of XOOPS 2.5.0, with its many innovative features

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- Design Team: Eduardo (Bitc3r0) from Mexico - a winner of several XOOPS Innovation Awards for his work such as EXM Admin theme, or RM Common Utilities, and several modules and themes, among them the current theme on http://www.xoops.org

The community also proposed to have a Council member who is representing the users. We liked the idea and therefore we've invited Mark Boyden (mboyden) from USA, who created many XOOPS sites, both pro bono and for profit.

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Mark has been always very supportive of XOOPS (see his blog) and since his livelihood depends in part on XOOPS success, we thought that he'll be a very good addition to the Council.

Currently remaining on the Council are:

- Modules: Ricardo Costa (Trabis)
- International: Rune Hauge (Runeher)
- Marketing: Michael Beck (Mamba)

Please become active and join one or more of these teams. The XOOPS Council is looking forward to reactivating and reengaging of all these teams, hoping they can express and fulfill what they wish for and from XOOPS.

XOOPS Council