Modules: FmContent 1.1 beta

Posted by: voltanon 2011/9/3 12:14:06 6022 reads At this version we've added some new additions:


- Add uploadimg function in utils class (Voltan)
- Add setpermission function in perm class (Voltan)
- Add upload image for topics (Voltan)
- Add delete option for images (Voltan)
- Add Breadcrumb function in utils class (Voltan)
- Add contentDefault function in page class (Voltan)
- Add homepage function in utils class for manage module index page (Voltan)
- Improve permission page (Voltan)
- Add topic URL function (Voltan)
- Add function for show subtopic contents in main topic (Voltan)
- Add Rebuild Alias function (Voltan)
- Add Set and reset Next and Previous function automatically (Voltan)
- Add change topic order whit AJAX (Voltan)
- Add new options for make URL (Voltan)
- Add Show/hide topic in index page (Voltan)
- Add support for module admin class (Voltan)
- Add option for attach file for contents (Voltan)
- Fix bug in delete pages (Voltan)

Please test this version to help us improve and fix bugs

Download: from SourceForge

Report bugs: Here