Hacks: Text wrap Xcgal template

Posted by: sroccidenteon 2008/3/31 16:20:00 6275 reads
I always have problem with the text in the description area of xcgal module, if you write a long description and do not take care of the breal lines your ouput text will result in a long text line, so I modify the template xcgal_display.html and around the line #29 look for a code like this:
<td align="center" class="odd" height="100" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px;">
and proceed to change to this one:
<td align="center" class="odd" height="100" style="white-space: wrap; padding: 0px;">

As you see we change the nowrap for wrap, that makes the trick at least in my case, hope it will solve the problem for another xooper