Hacks: xcgal: "Upload more pictures" and "keywords"

Posted by: AnonymousOn 2008/3/31 20:40:00 11277 reads
Xcgal users will be familiar with the "Upload more pictures" function which allows up to four pictures to be uploaded in one go and will know about xcgal's "click on a keyword" search function which locates all pictures having the chosen keyword. Keywords are therefore a really important tool for xcgal users.

Unfortunately, users will also know that keywords cannot be entered for pictures uploaded using the "Upload more pictures" function - they can only be added by editing the picture later.

...... until now

I've amended two xcgal files (db_input.php and xcgal_uploadmore.html) to allow keywords to be entered using the "Upload more pictures" function and the time of upload.

I've packed the amended files and their (renamed originals - it will be obvious!!) into this zip file.

Hope it is useful.