XOOPS: XOOPS servers and sites migration progress

Posted by: XoopsCouncilon 2007/11/14 16:04:31 7776 reads Since the publish of the Project Council monthly report of October, the Project Technical Group had been working XOOPS server migration and site upgrade.

From this report, you will be informed with what had been done recently, what had been planned for the very close future and what has been changed very recently.

As of November 14th, 2007 --
What had been done:
1 Upgraded the www.xoops.org core to XOOPS
2 Started reviewing old code used by www.xoops.org and dev.xoops.org
3 Started checking server configurations on new XOOPS servers
4 Contacted EPC for transferring www.xoops.org dns to new XOOPS servers
5 Backup solutions for xoops.org domain have been considered

What had been planned:
1 Migrating www.xoops.org to new XOOPS server and opening the site by the coming weekend, time availability and detailed schedule had been discussed
2 Immediately installing WIKI module to allow people contribute in an convenient way, module package had been reviewed and got ready for immediate installation
3 Upgrading newbb module on xoops.org to CBB 3.0.8, module package had been reviewed and ready for immediate upgrade
4 Opening docs.xoops.org as XOOPS Project's documentation site to allow people to start rebuilding XOOPS documentation. Existent XOOPS document and wiki sites and teams are welcome to join.
5 Redesigning dev.xoops.org: d.x.o code is in a huge mess and should not be migrated to new server directly. We currently have two options, replacing current site with gForge or restarting development of myxoopsforge packages. It depends on the resource availability. Anyone who has gforge experience or has time on myxoopsforge maintenance is welcome to work on the site.
6 Starting real steps for XOOPS sites redesign, which have been discussed for a long time on xoops.org

What was the backup solution for xoops.org domain:
IN CASE xoops.org dns is not transfered in time or is not able to transfered as we hope, an alternative domain will be used as TEMPORARY backup. Once the www.xoops.org dns is pointed to XOOPS new site, the backup domain will be deprecated and will be kept as backup ONLY.

What has been changed very recently:
On November 5th, when the XOOPS Project Council published its monthly report, marcan, who was a core developer and the secretary of XOOPS Foundation, gave XOOPS server's root access back to the XOOPS Project, which was a very exciting and inspiring step.
Since then the Project Technical Group had been busy with server migration and www.xoops.org upgrade and was expecting a thorough migration in the coming weekend.
However, some issues related to XOOPS new server are recognized very recently and the xoops.org migration has to be stopped with no ETA.
We hope the issues can be solved thoroughly as soon as possible, and the server migration and site reconstruction won't be delayed too much.
Meanwhile the Project Council is looking forward to any potential solutions and any possible supports from any open-source entities.

The XOOPS Project Council
November 15th, 2007