XOOPS: New Community Initiatives

Posted by: Foundationon 2007/11/14 16:04:44 5374 reads The XOOPS Foundation is very proud to announce the support of two very inspiring community initiatives: the recently opened XOOPSDOCS.org and the brand new XOOPSADDONS.org! XOOPS Addons
The XOOPS Addons Repository is a Community Powered Download site for all your XOOPS modules and themes. Its purpose is to present as many stable and high quality XOOPS addons available to the XOOPS Community as possible. The site currently has more then 400 themes and 400 modules for you to download! You can find the site at www.xoopsaddons.org.

The now opened XOOPSDOCS.org site will provide an up-to-date and user-friendly repository for sharing completed XOOPS documentation developed by community members. XOOPSDOCS will serve as a repository for finished works, providing an archive of all completed projects. It will also concentrates on downloadable versions of documentation that can be viewed off-line and included with the modules, themes and components they cover. The XOOPS Wiki is used as a community workplace to create new and update existing documentation.

Providing resources to community driven projects

As explained in the XOOPS Foundation Manifesto , the Foundation's purpose is to put its resources at the disposal of the Project and the Community in any projects that could benefit the world of XOOPS. The XOOPSDOCS team and the XOOPSADDONS teams have both sent the Foundation requests for support, accompanied by well documented proposals explaining their their objectives, their plans, the resources needed etc... After analyzing each of these requests, the Foundation has granted them its support by giving each of these projects a hosting account on its server as well as the use of the XOOPSADDONS.org and XOOPSDOCS.org domains. The XOOPS Foundation would like to wish the best of luck to the Community with these 2 projects!

Foundation support
Do you have a project that could help promote, support or improve XOOPS? Submit your project to the Foundation and explain your goals, your plan and how the Foundation could help you! Please submit your plans to board[at]xoopsfoundation.org, or use the web based form for this purpose.