XOOPS: Xoops Project Council report for October

Posted by: XoopsCouncilon 2007/11/5 12:37:44 15192 reads
1- Membership
In October there were four active members:
- phppp
- christian
- irmtfan
irmtfan is the rotation Council Chairman for November.

On October 24th Council accepted Mr. Michael Clark (a.k.a. KC0MAZ) as a full member of the XOOPS Project Council after two weeks public review.
Candidates is still open for the one vacancy, which is hopefully from XOOPS Project Documentation Team.

2- The hack of XOOPS Development Website
On October 24th, dev.xoops.org was hacked and Council published a quick notification.
The damage level was not able to be evaluated and vulnerability was not able to be identified because the Technical Group was not given adequate access at the moment.
The dev.xoops.org is likely to be kept closed before migrated to XOOPS new servers, of which the Technical Group is given adequate access as of November 1st.

3- Migration of XOOPS servers
As of November 1st, Technical Group has requested several times of root access to XOOPS new servers but refused. Thus the migration of XOOPS sites will be resumed once server access is ready.

4- Proposal on XOOPS entity management structure
The XOOPS Project Council is aware that the greater XOOPS community is working on an overall management structure and will be providing any possible support.

5- XOOPS Development
5-1- XOOPS was released on October 16th.
5-2- The XOOPS Core Development Team starts to work on 2.3.0 branch, which is merging 2.0* and 2.2*, and 2.0.18 branch, which is mainly for security fixes.
5-3- Feature list for 2.3.0 and 3.0.0 is being discussed on XOOPS Dev Wiki.

6- XOOPS Coordination Team
The Coordination Team keeps doing great job. The Team leader KC0MAZ has worked with Red Cross to help people in San Diego CA, of which we are proud.
There are a couple of requests on banning some users submitted to Council's email box, which have been or will be forwarded to Coordination Team.

7- XOOPS Documentation
To avoid fragmentation of the XOOPS Project, Project Council supports a centralized documentation section on xoops.org instead of on other domains.
With the centralized documentation section or site, the greater XOOPS community can participate in building a documentation team to provide official documents that will benefit everyone in the community.
Currently some people are working on the documentation team, including but not limited to skenow, kurak_bu. The Project Council will provide any possible assistance for the team.

8- XOOPS Design
Some discussions on xoops site redesign have happened on xoops.org, either by the XOOPS Design Team guided by Kris or by some individuals.
We hope the design proposals can bring a new face to our sites once server migration is done.

A quick note on a recent event today:
On the 5th November XOOPS Foundation sent root access to Technical Group.
Technical Group confirm that now they have Full Control on both old and new servers.