XOOPS: xoops-announcement mailinglist

Posted by: Herkoon 2005/9/9 7:50:00 6305 reads
The XOOPS Development Team is pleased to announce the creation of the xoops-announcement mailing-list, available on our Sourceforge space.
The purpose of this list is for the XOOPS Development Team to send out any announcement, including information about upcoming releases, one day before this news is made public on the XOOPS.org websites.
Thus people interested in helping us testing packages before their public releases, developers who would like to to synchronise their own development release schedule and the local support sites managers who need to translate the announcements will now be able to get early information.
It is a one-way channel. Discussions about the XOOPS core development are held at the SF.net XOOPS project forums.
This list is only a first step: we are quite busy at the moment not only preparing next releases, but updating the way we work, and more importantly communicate. New websites and documents will come soon, to allow everybody who wishes to contribute to this project to do it efficiently, and synchromize all the efforts of the XOOPS community members.