YAXS: F3 - The First Forensic Forum

Posted by: tedsmithOn 2005/9/10 11:40:00 6210 reads
Lastnight, I (at last) launched my third Xoops site...www.F3.org.uk. It's taken me about three months and a lot of work! But it is the best Xoops site I've done to date and I'm really proud of it.

The First Forensic Forum (F3 for short) was originally founded in the 1990’s when forensic computing began and was mostly conducted in the fields of law enforcement to catch and put away criminals who'd been using computers for their corrput ends. As time has gone on, private companies have developed offering both prosecution and defence services as well as internal investigation services. F3 has aided the collective gathering of all of these people to come together and share their knowledge as a specialist (and quite unique) industry.

F3 is a non-profit organisation and ran by a committee of 13 members, for which I am one.

Our ‘mission statement’ is
“F3 exists to provide an open forum for all forensic computing practitioners, to enable them to share their collective knowledge through discussion and training.”

Due to the development and rapid expansion of F3 a new site was despertely needed. Xoops came to the rescue and has provided F3 with a remarkable site for which all of us a truely thankful to the Xoops developers (module and core), theme designers, community supporters, and more. It's great that open source developers provide their code for use by people, charities and organisations that would not otherwise be able to afford the skills provided here for free.

My special named thanks goes to Christian of Xoops France for his import script (which I was able to modify), JDseymour of Warpig.com for shocking amounts of help, Dave_L for his usual forum support, Mithrandir (always a big help), Marcan from SmartFactory (wicked modules and great support), jlm69 for his Jobs module, all at WF-Projects especially Bender and DavidL2, BlueNova and anyone who else who I may have forgotten for which I am sure their are counteless numbers . You're all angels!

Cheers, and happy Xoop'ing