MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

2 errors on install (admin) :

NoticeUndefined indexglobal_perms in file /modules/myalbum/xoops_version.php line 154

NoticeUndefined indexglobal_perms in file /modules/myalbum/xoops_version.php line 162

3 errors when I go to the module ("modules/myalbum/") :

NoticeUndefined variablecat in file /modules/myalbum/index.php line 27

Warningarray_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in file /modules/myalbum/include/draw_functions.php line 263

Warningimplode(): Invalid arguments passed in file /modules/myalbum/include/functions.php line 664

3 errors when I go to "modules/myalbum/viewcat.php" :

Warningarray_push() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in file /modules/myalbum/viewcat.php line 70

NoticeUndefined variablecatpath in file /modules/myalbum/viewcat.php line 81

NoticeUndefined variablecat in file /modules/myalbum/viewcat.php line 109

5 errors when I go to "modules/myalbum/submit.php" :

NoticeUndefined variablelid in file /modules/myalbum/submit.php line 322

NoticeUndefined variablemyalbum_canresize in file /modules/myalbum/include/myalbum.forms.php line 184

NoticeUndefined variablemyalbum_canrotate in file /modules/myalbum/include/myalbum.forms.php line 206

NoticeUndefined variablepreview_name in file /modules/myalbum/include/myalbum.forms.php line 216

NoticeUndefined variablemyalbum_canrotate in file /modules/myalbum/include/myalbum.forms.php line 236

5 another errors when I submit a photo :

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_canresize in file /modules/myalbum/submit.php line 257

NoticeUndefined variablelid in file /modules/myalbum/submit.php line 263

NoticeUndefined variableext in file /modules/myalbum/submit.php line 263

Warningrename(/uploads/photos/tmp_4f9d970e346d3.jpg,/uploads/photos/.): Device or resource busy in file /modules/myalbum/include/functions.php line 377

Warningrename(/uploads/photos/tmp_4f9d970e346d3.jpg,/uploads/photos/.): Device or resource busy in file /modules/myalbum/include/functions.php line 386

1 error when I go to "modules/myalbum/editphoto.php" :

NoticeUndefined variablephoto in file /modules/myalbum/editphoto.php line 235

8 errors when I go to"modules/profile/userinfo.php" (?) :

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_addposts in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 44

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_photospath in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 48

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_thumbspath in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 49

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_makethumb in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 52

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_imagingpipe in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 68

NoticeUndefined indexmyalbum_imagingpipe in file /modules/myalbum/include/read_configs.php line 70

NoticeUndefined variabletable_photos in file /modules/myalbum/include/search.inc.php(61) : eval()'d code line 9

NoticeUndefined variabletable_text in file /modules/myalbum/include/search.inc.php(61) : eval()'d code line 9


Photos links are wrong.

Example :


instead of



Replace in "modules\myalbum\include\read_configs.php" line 17 :

$GLOBALS['mod_copyright'] = "myAlbum-P 2.89;

with :

$GLOBALS['mod_copyright'] = "myAlbum-P 3.06;

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

If anyone has time to help resolve these bugs. Thank you in advance.
Link to the module.

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

I fixed half the bug, I will continue tomorrow or tonight.
I will put patches on this post tomorrow night

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

The list of fixes is too long, I put a new download zip file: here

Thank you for reporting bugs remaining

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

This module is no longer GiJoe's Myalbum, name have to be changed immediately, definitions must be corrected in order for translation on TX, until then, the module initially released by Wishcraft will be removed.

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

What name to put? black_beard? He made ​​lots of corrections, it would be fair

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5
  • 2012/8/12 11:40

  • sixpack

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I found the new problems :

Search engine doesn't work with myalbum > no result

It's not possible to multiply the odule, blank page a lot of error.

Thanks in advance


Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5

No idea.... try to imagine something, but MyAlbum-p 3.06 is released around 2009, and no longer supported by PEAK XOOPS JP, every single change on existing features or by adding new one, makes it totally new fork, as everything forked should get and new name. Even may not include My, Album, MyAlbum-p in the new one. 10,000 extensions for J! and no such problems with naming.

See with those changes, additions and several maintainers something working and fully operational in past, this days not working - searching.

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.06 and Xoops 2.5.5
  • 2012/11/18 16:47

  • chaoos

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This module lacks modernization. Viewing images should be different. For example, in the style of Google+ or Facebook. Also adding comments should be within one page (not the click through) and also vote.
Something I tried (in version 2.88), but I stopped that because I had just for the module modify Xoops core. Viewing images and comments I had finished (of course the use of Shadowbox with option External sites and pages - http://www.shadowbox-js.com), but adding comments and vote no. There I also really muddle.

Unfinished hack is used on test websites http://xoopstest.chaoos.com/modules/myalbum

I'm sure that any good programmer would be made ​​easier, and it would be fully functional.

Re: MyAlbum-p 3.07 RC2 and Xoops 2.5.5

Transifex : MyAlbum 3.07 RC2 (language files for translators).

Sourceforge : MyAlbum 3.07 RC2.

Please help us with translations and tests.


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