Re: Backpack 2.01RC

Hi Mamba
How are you ?
It is done

Backpack 2.01RC

Backpack is now available as 2.01RC version
For test

This module allows you to back up or restore your database. you can see these main features below :

These are the main features:
- Backup of your Xoops database
- Backup of specific tables
- Saving the tables of a module
- Optimization of your database

Github here
DOwload ZIP version

Report a bug : Here

Thank you

Re: What version of PHP are you using? Dropping PHP 5.3 support!

I agree with this decision.
The modules that I make are all optimized for PHP 5.5.x

Re: i'm working an a standard module skeleton

The use of a dynamic system (class, variable, function) above allows me to quickly create a module in the shortest lines.
In terms of resources, the module is not very greedy (except some parts which demand to be optimized). The biggest module I wrote for a client, contains 42 MySQL tables, it is a module of ERP for automotive dealerships. And in addition I can easily clone the module. The only real job is to change the language files, the file instaalation MySQL and add the files to add the necessary options.
I'll try to explain how the basic module:
in the file for the web page called:
"$entree" table contains all the fields for the page.
"$class" table contains all the class to load
In the "class" matching file:
$table_item, MySQL columns

The idea is:
- To create a fully clonable module (without further manipulation as copy / paste / rename the module directory)
- Creation of "class" generic for basic functions (read / write BDD form, security ...)
- Quick Add feature (by copy / paste) so each function, class must be completely modular.
- Cache system for dynamic class already generated.
- Quickly Adding fields in a file.
- The page loads only what it needs for its operation.

I am to create simple modules, secure, requires very little hardware resources, fast, functional and easy to modify (even for a novice)

If I understand, you want to use smarty to generate (or simulate) a module.
I haven't explored this track, I don't know if it's a good idea.
We don't have the same approach, I try to keep a (speed RAM, PIC, size,) hardware and ergonomic approach to the user. To estimate a module, I look at the lines of code (graphics rendering happens at the end)
It's good to have multiple approaches.

Re: i'm working an a standard module skeleton

Too bad the name of "class" are written in hard. It should take all the files and rename hand.
I have used variables, classes and functions dynamic
Look at my old modules which I use as starting skeleton.


Nothing to rename, just a copy / paste (except for MySQL file) for an operational base module and not conflict with other modules.

This module is not perfect and is not yet the standard of practice but XOOPS 2.6 to start and especially for cloning.


Re: SimpleNewsletter 2.32 Beta 1 released for testing

Reporting a bug :
A conflict between the module 'simplenewsletter' and module 'tag'.

the bug happens by activating a block and when I return to my home page
I have this message :

Fatal error: Call to a member function getVar () on a non-object in / home/www/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/web/modules / tag / include / functions.ini.php on line 54

Module "backpack"

module "backpack" 1.02 has been updated and is available here.

This module allows you to backup or restore your database.
The original author is: Yoshi Sakai.

Minimum required :
PHP 5.2 or 5.3
MySQL 5.1 min.
Xoops 2.5.x
ModuleAdmin 1.1

Here are the main features:
- Backup your database Xoops
- Backup specific tables
- Backup module tables
- Optimize your database

Thank you for the return bug stating your version of PHP and MySQL

Re: New version for tcpdf_for_xoops is available

I simply followed the changes TCPDF project.
If, I can make changes to the script to accommodate PHP 5.2 (I know where the command line specific to 5.3)
but in the future, we could make a more "copy / paste", see her

Re: New version for tcpdf_for_xoops is available

In the next version (1.07), the system autoload to (composer) will be fully active. I still have some adjustments to do

New version for tcpdf_for_xoops is available


TCPDF_for_xoops version 1.06 is available for download here.

Minimum required : PHP 5.3 & Xoops 2.5

tcpdf_for_xoops Frameworks for XOOPS is to generate PDF files from the pages of your site. This version is based on version 5.9.193 of project tcpdf.org.
The Frameworks comes without makepdf.php files, you can consult the dedicated section to find the file you need makepdf.php.


Version 1.06 2012-10-04
- PHP TCPDF class has been updated (5.9.180 => 5.9.193)
* composer.json file was added
* Subset feature was extended to include the first 256 characters.
* bug fix related to cached images and a new composer file.
* bug fix related to font names
* bug fix related "Infinite loop in Write() method"
* bug fix related to EAN barcodes
* bug fix related datamatrix barcode
* bug fix related "ini_get safe_mode error"
* buf fix related to Image() method.
* includes support for named destinations on HTML links.

Installation : Simply copy the directory "tcpdf" in "./Frameworks"

Update : Just overwrite the files and directories with the new versions.

Additional fonts are available here (TChinese, schinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc ...)

You can find the documentaion on this page

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