Support for Chronolabs Modules (XOOPS 2.5 / 2.6)

How are you all? Umm part of my problem I have developed too many libraries for one person to maintain or support all over the place, any problems, bugs, issues need to be ticketed here :: https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs/tickets/ - In future will you ask them to raise a ticket in the XOOPS 2.5 (Modules) or associative threading. As I don't have time to check around all the forums.

I have made this video Creating Tickets for Bugs, Issues, Help on Chronolabs to show you the processes of making a ticket or getting help!

(Not sure why the Youtube embed isn't working)

Not all the modules at this stage will be crossed over to XOOPS 2.6 unless really requested and we are waiting on an RC release of XOOPS 2.6 before we start migrating the module's we have decided to migrate to XOOPS 2.6 is started, which may take a number of months.

You can find the modules we are keeping on this blog : https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs/b ... depreciated-for-xoops-26/

The Modules for XOOPS 2.6 are:

  • X-Forum (As Threads 6.0)
  • X-Payment (Payment & Invoicing Solution for XOOPS)
  • TwitterBomb (Twitter.com API Robot)
  • LinkedinBomb (Linkedin.com API Robot)
  • X-Center (Content module)
  • X-REST (Plugin REST API)
  • wURFL (Mobile Theme/Scalability/Detection Module)
  • X-TRANSAM (Language Translation Module)
  • X-Shop (Advance e-Commerce Solution [Unfinished])
  • MyGallery (Rebadged MyAlbum - Gallery for XOOPS)
  • Users (Rebadged Profile Module for XOOPS)
  • SpeedTest (Module for testing connection speeds of users)

The Modules Chronolabs (wishcraft) have developed for XOOPS 2.5 (Not Limited To) Include:

  • X-Forum (Forum for XOOPS 2.6 with antispam.)
  • X-Payment (Invoicing and Payment Gateway Solution.)
  • TwitterBomb (Twitter.com API Robot & Harvester.)
  • LinkedinBomb (Linkedin.com API Robot & Harvester.)
  • X-Center (Multi-lingual static content module.)
  • X-REST (REST API with Functional Plugins.)
  • wURFL (Wireless/Mobile Computing Detection Module.)
  • X-TRANSAM (Language translator for XOOPS Modules.)
  • X-Shop (Advanced Multiplexed E-Commerce Shop. {Unfinshed})
  • MyAlbum-p (Image Galleries.)
  • Profile (Profile module for advanced user management.)
  • SpeedTest (Module for testing connection speeds of end website clients.)
  • Xortify (Additional cloud computing protection.)
  • xHelp (Help/Support/Sales Ticketing Module.)
  • userDUMP (Output your user base to CSV or XLSX.)
  • SongList (For mainly song lists for thing karaoki.)
  • Membership (Works in conjunction with Profile & X-Paymemt to sell membership accesses.)
  • Flowplayer (Module for mounting Flowplayer Instances.)
  • VOD (Module for mounting Video-on-Demand for things like Wowza Media Services.)
  • SAM (Module for SAM Audio Radio Broadcaster.)
  • UITabs (UI Tabs for display in main or blocks.)
  • WFLinks (Web Links Module for display and storage of weblinks.)
  • Lawsuit (Contact-us form which is customisable and has pages.)
  • XoopsPolls (Xoops Polling module used in conjunction with X-Forum.)
  • Spiders ((Depreciated) Module for management of Robots, spiders and crawlers.)
  • Webcams (Webcam's module used in conjunction with iStream.com)
  • Sexy (Sexy Webcam module component for profile of actors in webcams module.)
  • Benchmark (For Benchmarking XOOPS.)
  • PageFlip (Simulations of a Book profile module.)
  • Maquee (Marquee for block or main.)
  • TB (TB Torrent Client.)
  • XQuiz (Questing and Quizzing module.)
  • ZenTrack (Help/Support/Sales ticketing module.)
  • X-Xml (XML API (Depreciated - X-REST Replaces).)
  • X-SOAP (SOAP API (Depreciated - X-REST Replaces).)
  • X-Serial (Serialisation API (Depreciated - X-REST Replaces).)
  • X-Reaggregator (RSS/Atom Feed Aggregation.)
  • X-Pnews (NNTP News Client.)
  • X-News (News Module.)
  • XinCode (Inviter code sending module.)
  • X-Inviter (Inviter using open source invitation library.)
  • X-JSON (JSON API (Depreciated - X-REST Replaces).)
  • Sightings (Module written for ETE to report UFO Sighting.)
  • X-Curl (CURL API (Depreciated - X-REST Replaces).)
  • Sticky (Sticky Inputs and blocks.)
  • Soups (Unsure?)
  • SmartFAQ (FAQ for XOOPS.)
  • Objects (Relationship and Real estate sales & listing module.)
  • PsychTest (Psychology tester.)
  • PHPDocs ((Unfinished) PHP Documentor.)
  • Multisite (Multisite module for XOOPS 2.5.)
  • IRC (Internet Relay chat module for XOOPS 2.5)
  • GoogleAPI (Some basic Google API Functions.)
  • GenoBIO (Genology Biograph Module.)
  • Escorts (Escorts listing module.)
  • Donations (Donations module works in conjunction with X-Payment.)
  • Directory (Directory of people listing.)
  • Dates (Dates (Unfished) variant on sexy module)
  • Compounds (Compounds and Chemistry listing module.)
  • AdsLight (Advertising Module.)

As you can see I have developed quiet a bit for the XOOPS community when other do abandonment too it, I am not sure why I am not getting my news published in the news section, mamba accused me of spam, but there just wasn't much news being published at the time. I hope this is resolved, I was also banned from the XOOPS section of Facebook.

It saddens me that over the years people have become emotionally warn and take their personal valedictions to the loss of the community, this is only forcing our members away!

Re: Support for Chronolabs Modules (XOOPS 2.5 / 2.6)
  • 2014/3/8 4:31

  • Mamba

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The Modules Chronolabs (wishcraft) have developed for XOOPS 2.5 (Not Limited To) Include:

Simon, this should be:

The Modules Chronolabs (wishcraft) have developed or contributed to, for XOOPS 2.5 (Not Limited To) Include:

Because these module below have not been developed by you, they were already in existence before:

-X-Forum (Forum for XOOPS 2.6 with antispam.)
-MyAlbum-p (Image Galleries.)
-Profile (Profile module for advanced user management.)
-xHelp (Help/Support/Sales Ticketing Module.)
-XoopsPolls (Xoops Polling module used in conjunction with X-Forum.)
-XQuiz (Questing and Quizzing module.)
-ZenTrack (Help/Support/Sales ticketing module.)
-X-News (News Module.)
-SmartFAQ (FAQ for XOOPS.)
-AdsLight (Advertising Module.)

You have developed a lot of original modules, so there is really no need to claim other people's module as yours!

As an Open Source project, since people don't get paid, the most important thing is to give credit to people who have developed the module originally. That's the least what we can do for them! And GPL is very clear about it too!

Anyway, good to see you back!

One recommendation that I would have for you, is to brand all your original modules with a prefix similar to what others did in the past, like the "WF-modules" or "SmartModules". You could use something like "chrono", so we would have "chronoNews," "chronoForums", etc. Just make sure that each module is clonable, so people could use them as "chronoForums", but could also clone them to "myForums" or "forums". But this will be also a good PR for your company, since everybody will know that chronoModules are coming from ChronoLabs! It's a good branding for you.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Support for Chronolabs Modules (XOOPS 2.5 / 2.6)

Thank you for this video but, there is no "Create ticket" button:

Resized Image

Re: Support for Chronolabs Modules (XOOPS 2.5 / 2.6)

That is the module I will be adjusting to XOOPS 2.6 standard; if I get a chance to do any other that where not legacy like the API's by X-Rest; I will; I just injured myself with a sever RSI injury 18 month ago and I was unable to move off the sofa for 12 months; so i am limiting myself at the moment too programming 2 days a week so I don't re-injure myself..

Re: Support for Chronolabs Modules (XOOPS 2.5 / 2.6)
  • 2015/11/11 18:12

  • xoobaru

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Honestly, the way modules have been playing musical chairs through the developers has been confusing, considering for example the especially long list of variants for Profile module. So some scheme of organized and easy to understand labeling is in order that takes into account original author credit, XOOPS core version compatibility, and secondary developers.

Sorry about your misfortune. I have known people with repetitive strain injuries and it can be long and miserable, and because it can only be minimized, but not completely corrected with surgery. What do you do when that is your living?

It is prolly only matter of time before someone comes up with a keyboard with soft foam keys that one could peck with their nose.



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