xhelp / ticket system
  • 2008/10/5 20:33

  • desperados

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i need a ticket system

i want:

1) mycustomers send an email, and system automatically open ticket

2) see open tickets, and assign them to users

3) link ticket to customer (automatically best, but not needed, i can do it manually)

3b) simple customer agenda (name, email)

4) sign how much time to close a ticket (date, hour, minutes)

5) report about hours / tickets order by date (weekly, monthly) and customer, in order to make invoices

6) it's best if:

6b) send an email to customer when ticket status changes

6c) customer can see his tickets

7) link tickets to products used

i search for another software (rt, vtiger, sugarcrm, ecc.) but they don't work as i want.

i found xhelp, but it's not updated. so, i want to modify it by myself. but:

1) if you know a good software for ticket please tell me or
2) do you want to help me in updating and improve xhelp?

this is all, i hope for some response :)


Re: xhelp / ticket system
  • 2008/10/22 5:55

  • codyheit

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We currently use xhelp which is good but it would be great if this was updated as it doesn't do everything we need either.

Re: xhelp / ticket system
  • 2008/10/22 7:48

  • ghia

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Alternative ticketsystem module is Zentrack.


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