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Zentrack Xoops


ZentrackXoops is a Xoops port of zenTrack, a fully customizable help desk, bug tracking, and project management system. It works as a module of the Xoops CMS with full access and admin rights managed by Xoops Groups. Clean, simple interface, fully adaptable administration and nicely integrated to Xoops 2.0.x & 2.2.

This release incorporates the following major features:

- Added two Xoops Blocks: My Tickets, Quick Ticket (new since
- Implemented egate email gateway functionality (new since

- Module User Management screens with tighter integration with the Xoops user table
- Module administration moved to Xoops Admin System.
- Module and Admin access fully handled by Xoops Groups
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Filters to list window
- Updated contacts section
- Customizable multiple-select fields
- A few bug fixes


    System Requirements:

      Submitter: bluenova
      Updated On: 2006/03/16

      Release Status: 
      Downloads: 11695
      File Size: 2.82 Mb
      Home Page: Zentrackxoops

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      Download Times:
      Modem(56k) : 7.8min
      ISDN(64k) : 6.9min
      DSL(768k) : 34s
      LAN(10M) : 3s
      Price: Free | Platform: 2.0.x | License: Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License (v. 1.1) | Limitations: None

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      • Not too shy to talk

       Re: Zentrack Xoops

      hi all

      I am using this module with XOOPS 2.2.5 and can find this problems in administrator area


      Warning [PHP]: fopen(/home/btdai/public_html/modules/zentrack/includes/translations/english.ctrans) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in file modules/zentrack/includes/translator.class line 184 Warning [PHP]: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in file modules/zentrack/includes/translator.class line 185 Warning [PHP]: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in file modules/zentrack/includes/translator.class line 186

      please help me to fix it.

      thanks in advance

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