xoops multisite
  • 2008/7/24 21:37

  • ombra82

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Unless the boys sorry bad English,

I would like to know if any of you have ever used full XOOPS 2.0.17 multixoops.

I need assistance to understand how it works.

I installed but I can not understand how to use it.

Can you help?

Thank you

Re: xoops multisite

There has been a lot of effort on this subject, however:

- XOOPS 2.0.17 multixoops is not finished. I downloaded a version from http://sourceforge.net/projects/multixoops/ and I could not even make a clean install with it. The upgrade version did not work too.
- there is a module on simple-xoops.de that may create a multixoops, but I could not find a manual.
- the multix module (http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/pr ... &release_id=1224#selected ) seems to be abandoned, in favor of the multixoops project. Although this seems to be the project that is closest to "a finished product" and although it has a good manual, I found it quite complicated and I did not get it to work.
- there has been the idea to install modules in the XOOPS_TRUST_PATH and to use this XOOPS_TRUST_PATH for shared modules. Never heard of recently.
- There is a hack in the FAQ: https://xoops.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=638

I probably have overlooked some great ideas. There have been a lot of ideas, but I don't believe that there is a finished product.

I need a live test site for one of my projects where I'll test a new theme. What I will probably do, is copy my files from example.com to testdomain.com . Then I'll adapt mainfile.php to the new patch info and I have a mirror site. In order to display another theme in each domain, I'll do this in my theme:

<{if $xoops_url=='http://www.testdomain.com'}>
Here the theme for testdomain
Here the theme for my realdomain

Let me know if this is a bad idea 8)

Re: xoops multisite
  • 2008/8/4 23:12

  • Mamba

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Wishcraft is working on a multisite XOOPS solution.

I hope, we'll have something soon, but I assume, it will be for XOOPS 2.3 version
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Re: xoops multisite
  • 2008/8/8 3:39

  • sakyant

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That would be good... in the moment i have a .org site that i plan 100 subdomains on and should all look uniformly the same in design and function.
So i have to install XOOPS with a separate dfatabas on each subdomain..meaning that modules such as yogurt are separate..forums too..
i would like a XOOPS that can plug into the subdomains..or maybe easier..a yogurt that can interweave with other yogurts to make a multisite social network..
this occurred to me when i installed yogurt on 2 sites that are sister sites and have same people as members almost..i thought that it is a bit silly to meet the same people same friend network on 2 different social network programs...
on my Mother Portal i am building,i shall need to ninstall 100 zoops and 100 databases on each subdomain.
Is there a way that a cms can communicate with a database that is on a server that it is a child domain of??
can MySQL do that?? i suppose changing local host to the server ip would work no? (i am not a very good programmer, so excuse the stupid questions, i am only fluent in html and css and have to bumble my way with php).

Re: xoops multisite

Hi how are you doing? Looks like the demands for multi sub-domain XOOPS is in order, well I will be starting on that quiet soon, possibly next weekend, I have been doing some experimentation with it so far for example:


Can you think of any other ersity words I can make? for the test?

Which is all the same xoops.. I have to do alot of planning for this, and I need to find a visio client or something to map out the modeling for it. I have been making some models for it which ensures that there are the most required systems of design...

For example you need to be able to install a module multiple times so their are major structural changes that have to happen, I will be also adding a system into the install of modules while I am there for (sitemap.org) and RSS all with a Snooping method.

This way things like modules need to be able to somehow tell when data belongs to one or the other domain so you don't have domain-o-spam, like is proliferating the internet at the moment, oh well we don't all see the same internet..

Then there is heaps of themes stuff that has to happen, so that means there will be required some form of theme selection..

It is a big job, but I am capable and direct and will start it very soon, just got my new link...
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Re: xoops multisite


why only subdomains?

Re: xoops multisite
  • 2008/9/1 12:43

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when is the multisite module released?



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