Who is using Surpass Hosting?

I am looking to upgrade my VPS a little. I have alot of XOOPS sites. I have also been with the same hosting company for years.

I like to find a good host thats highly recommended and stick with them. It really is a lot of work to move so many sites around plus security and all.

It looks like Surpass has turned out to be a wonderful host. Sure there are a few issues here on the boards.

Is anyone here using Surpass

Anyway I just wanted to see what all my fellow peers half to say.

Thanks for your time!

A Surpass thread I started.

Re: Who is using Surpass Hosting?

Not quite sure now. I only asked basic questions. They are not very friendly over there...

I mean come on...

They meaning surpass set up this cat...
Surpass Hosting Forums > Making the Decision > Questions before signing up?

Thats what I did! Go figure...

Am I wrong to ask for server specs? It should be on the front page. Why should you half to look all over for it.

When you post they point you to the help desk.

Please people just use the help desk. Maybe it will save you a little time.

Re: Who is using Surpass Hosting?
  • 2007/7/29 23:52

  • ladysham

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I use HostGator for my hosting which is a reseller of ThePlanet.com - Customer support is pretty good for the most part. Occasionally I have to beat them over the head with something.
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Re: Who is using Surpass Hosting?
  • 2007/7/30 1:23

  • claydoh

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I have been using surpass for about 3 years with minimal issues on 2 domains (shared hosting). They have always been very quick to respond to my emails or tech support tickets.

I don't visit their forums much (haven't needed to)

I would recommend them if someone is looking for hosting

Re: Who is using Surpass Hosting?
  • 2007/7/30 1:29

  • Xman04

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I've been using Surpass for a few years. They are a high quality service and very responsive with support. In my opinion, they are a very good choice for hosting.

Re: Who is using Surpass Hosting?
  • 2007/7/30 13:54

  • Herko

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Surmunity is a community forum, where members of the community can help eachother out and answer some of the questions asked by potential new clients. The staff frequent the board, but it is not their main channel of providing pre-sales info.

I've been with SUrpass for a few years, and had very few problems, and very good support.

Surpass is a XOOPS supporter, they know the system and actively support the project. XOOPS.org will be hosted on Surpass servers soon.

I can recommend Surpass, but you'll have to find out for yourself



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