[XoopsProject] Manifest during the transient period
  • 2007/6/10 1:19

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1 to rebuild the project teams with community approved management policy and reporting rules

2 to build the XOOPS Project Council

3 to complete the construction of the sub official sites

4 to have a annual report from the XOOPS Foundation

Re: [XoopsProject] Manifest during the transient period

Excuse me writing here at this indubitably hectic time. I have a suggestion concerning the new organisation of XOOPS but I don't know where to post it. Here seemed as good a place as any.

I see, maybe, the need for a kind of Ombudsman in the new XOOPS Community. I am talking of someone who would take an impartial role of making sure that all decisions of any importance (to be defined later) meet minimum standards of openness and clarity. This person (or committee) would serve the community as a whole, and act as a conductor for complaints of unfairness, settler of disputes and questions of impropriety concerning the decision making process.
Think of the role as 'Guardian of the democratic process'. A process so clearly needed here at XOOPS.

This may be what you have in mind for the XOOPS Project Council. But I thought I should mention it.

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