Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 4:33

  • jfernau

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First, Surpass threw out the welcome mat to the XOOPS community by offering a free month of service for members of this forum. Several people here have taken them up on their offer, and have come back here to tell everyone just how good it is.

Well, tonight I noticed a new entry in the Contributors section: SURPASS HOSTING.

I have no idea how much they may have contributed, but considering the fact that some hosts have been known to banish XOOPS, I think this says quite a bit about how Surpass views XOOPS and it's community.

I am a XOOPS user and advocate, as well as a customer of Surpass. I honestly can't think of a better combination.


Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 4:41

  • Stewdio

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Yes, Surpass Hosting is our latest contributor and I send a sincere note of gratitude from us to them, as does Herko and others.

Thank you for offering our tremendous community your continued support with all that you have done so far.

XOOPS users looking for an alternative web environment with service and quality are encouraged to compare packages at Surpass Hosting.

I'm not only an XOOPS user, I'm a Surpass Customer!

(This is not a commercial endorsement, some assembly required)


Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 5:37

  • Bassman

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Wow, what awesome plans.

If I ever have a need for that much space/bandwidth, i'll definitely be signing up!

Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 6:02

  • phatty

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I posted in another thread about this but I must say I'm in awe with Surpass. I am fortunate enough to be in need of a dedicated server and signed up with Surpass. A half hour after signing up I received a phone call to verify my registration and ask if I had any questions. Approx. 8 hrs. after sign up my new server was online and ready for me. I haven't looked back since and have had no downtime. I host both a postnuke site(1400 members) and a XOOPS site(30 members).


Xoops & Surpass - An AWESOME combination.

Now if I could only convert my postnuke site to XOOPS I'd be in Hog Heaven.

Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 7:36

  • vzbob

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Only down fall with them is they dont Allow Chat scripts of any kind. I had 1 installed and they suspended my accounts untill i removed them

Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 8:21

  • djsckizo

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BadMovieReview.com, XOOPS enabled and hosted by Surpasshosting

Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 9:13

  • asche

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"Friends are not forever" ... or: "Babuschka syndrom", a new model for "virtual hosting"?

Because of many unanswered questions about quality of providers especially for commercial sites and reselling I opened the topic "Surpass Hosting - 'Friends are not forever' or 'Babuschka syndrom'".

and requirements for establishment of "provider-partnerships".

All the best to all xoopsies and their providers ...

Re: Surpass Hosting - a friend to the XOOPS community.
  • 2004/5/21 10:45

  • fluent

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I dont know Surpass hosting but I know that ISPs that use CPANEL like that are popping up everywhere. I do recommend to people that before they send their money to hosting companies which use CPANEL; They should check out that these companies really do know what they are doing.

Too many companies use CPANEL because they dont know how to configure servers correctly, (it's point and click) then when things break they have no idea how to fix them and often at their clients expense.

Please note: I am not trying to suggest that this company is in any way unqualified, but I am saying that just because a company appears to support XOOPS it doesn't mean they are any good...

Choose Wisely...

I would like to see XOOPS take the road PHP / Zend did that is to maintain a strict criteria and non nonsense list of qualified hosts but without placing a value judegment on their quality and services.

Perhaps a feedback board so people can rate their hosts?



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