one Q plz
  • 2004/3/5 15:30

  • uaegirl

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Hi there first
and this is my first time to write there
just i want to say that i like XOOPS coz it is too easy ... but i was talking with web designing campny to bulid big site for me... they just telling me u cant do that with XOOPS coz the source there open and any one can hack.. but we can make system for u better than that .. so dont know what to do...
can any one have some idea about that
thanks alot

Re: one Q plz
  • 2004/3/5 16:37

  • studioC

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hello uaegirl,

dunno what you talk with your web designing company, but in one thing they are wrong..

sometimes the only frontiere is in your head !

"..you cant do that with XOOPS .." is the wrong answer..
you can do nearly everything with xoops.... and that anyone can hack the code ?? huhhh! I for one can't hack that... ....

i don't think that it is easier to hack XOOPS than other sites ...


Re: one Q plz

Talk to the web designing company and let us hear, what exactly, they think is wrong with XOOPS.

Some things you cannot do - but then it's a problem with PHP altogether and not directly to do with PHP.

If you want a "public face" to an organisation, person or company, XOOPS can do it.

If your web designing company cannot explain it further, hit me a PM and let's see, what we can find out about your website.

Re: one Q plz
  • 2004/3/5 16:42

  • m0nty

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1st of all, the scope of XOOPS is as such that once u know how and if u have the time, it will do anything for you..

secondly, just because it's open source doesn't mean it's easy to hack.. Linux is open source, but is far more secure than microsoft windows.. it all goes on how u set it up. and the term anyone??? the chances of anyone being able to hack are very slim.. hacking is an art and takes years of learning and skill, sure anybody can pick up tools to do the job but can they use them.. keep ur passwords long, make sure ur files have the right access permission, and don't go clicking on any strange links that strangers may send u (these can lead to cookie stealing etc)

3rdly.. I'd like to see them make a system that is not possible to hack!!!! nothing is 100% secure no matter if u spend thousands of pounds on routers, firewalls etc etc..
Banks have the highest security systems in the world and spend millions of pounds a year to improve them, but they still get hacked, sometimes by 14 yr old kids with nothing else to do.. lol

keep regular backups and design it well and XOOPS will be a damn good system for your site..

remember most of the people who claim to be hackers are not hackers, they just rely on the scare tactics or they try to use kiddy toys like trojans which they send to you lol in other words they need a toy to do the job.. usually the lack of security on the users end results in hacks, firewalls are useful, virus protection is a necessity!!! and common sense are usually more than enuff to stop your site being hacked!!


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