Limiting search ability
  • 2003/10/26 21:53

  • lubdub

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A suggestion for the feature you might want to add to the next version:
if member X is not allowed to access module Y, XOOPS shouldn't bother running the search function for Y when X makes a request (this would display results, even if those results are not accessible, the fact that the information is partially shown is already something that should be hidden))


Reading this afterwards, it seems oddly written...

Re: Limiting search ability
  • 2003/10/26 22:20

  • tom

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mmmmm this is interesting, I think you have a good point, however I like it the way it is, you see I offer subscriptions and I like the idea of free members (reg members) searching for the content they need and seeing it in a subscription area, this is more of a incentive for them to join. Even when guests search they may see info in the free areas (reg members/area) which is also a incentive for them to join normal membership.

But this is of course only how I like it, many others may feel the same like you and would be interesting to hear what everyone thinks.


Re: Limiting search ability
  • 2003/10/31 13:08

  • feral1

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I think the suggestion is excellent, and it would help solve some of my issues.

I'd like quite a complex set-up, with different groups able to access different modules - and only be able to search the modules applicable to them.

Ideally, the feature should be switchable on and off - then everyone's needs would be served.


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